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Customers love Molekule Air.

Customer reviews for Molekule Air.


Catherine M

Mill Valley


Functions poorly. App functions poorly also.

The unit is beautiful. It does not meet the criteria that you state. Did nothing for the smoke , while at the same time I ran my furnace 24 hours/D and it was black! Buying a new air cleaner.

stacey k

Denver, CO



We love our Molekule, air is most definitely cleaner




Reason for purchase

My original purchase was of two large units for our home due to the high pollen counts. Then COVID-19 that time our Prosthodontic speciality practice needed to upgrade from the Universal Standard of Care to the Transmittable Disease Standard of...


Dallas TX.


Awesome product

I am a RN and I have been treating COVI 19 patients, I start looking for something that will kill viruses to protect my family and my self. I found very positive reviews on the Molekule. The best thing is that kill viruses better than any air purifier on...

Maria D.

Scarsdale, New York


Air Molekule

I love these air purifiers. The air in our business feels fresh and clean. I have received compliments from customers on the air quality. I plan to get more.

Saira A



Love my molekules!!!

We recently purchased 5 molekules (2 large towers and 3 mini for bedrooms). Absolutely love this purchase and feel it's money well spent. Noticeable difference in quality in 48 hours of setting up. We cook a lot at home and no food/pet odors. Highly...

Eliza D



Definitely not worth the absurd cost

I have a Molekule Air and 2 Molekule Minis. I spent a lot of money (that I don't have to spare) on these and they function but they are definitely not worth the cost this company asks for. The minis were advertised as being able to connect to the app and...

Ryan T

Salt Lake City, UT


Big difference for my asthma

I bought the Molekule to help clear toxins from the wildfire smoke out of my house. I have asthma and was struggling to breathe. I noticed a big difference when I got the Molekule! Immediate improvement in my breathing. And now my house is a sanctuary of...

Michele P

Santa Cruz, Ca


Air and mini air+ Combo

We have had our 3- Air & 3-mini Air+ running during the recent No Ca fires. With the need to keep the windows closed, these units have provided quality air in addition to neutralizing household odors. Excellent addition to a home.