The clean air
you deserve.

Destroy pollen this allergy season.

Molekule doesn’t just collect airborne allergens in your home, it destroys them with revolutionary PECO technology.

Pollen isn’t the only problem.

While pollen is often blamed for itchy eyes, runny noses, and sneezes, the actual culprit is tiny bits of proteins that break off pollen grains. These microscopic particles go right through traditional air purifiers. Molekule doesn’t just collect allergens.We destroy them.


Effective allergen destruction.

Molekule’s Pre-Filter catches larger dust particles in the air, while our breakthrough PECO filter breaks down even the smallest allergens like pollen, dust mites, and dander to provide truly clean air.

Molekule’s PECO technology has been tested on real people in an allergy pilot study published in the Journal of Allergy & Rhinology. Read the report to see how Molekule performed.

Good days start with good nights.

Lingering pollen causes itchy throats, sneezing, and puffy eyes, making a good night’s sleep hard to get. Keeping your indoor air allergen free starts the day off right, so you have an even better day outside.

It helps me to breathe clearly in the night… it’s mind-blowing.

• Naja F., Allergy Sufferer

Healthy air.
Delivered to your home.


The Molekule Air Purifier

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