Finding Relief: How Molekule Has Helped Moms

This Mother’s Day, we’d like to celebrate with you and share encouraging words from families who have felt positively impacted by Molekule. Though everyone has different reasons for choosing an air purifier, many moms have witnessed Molekule as a solution to their kids’ allergy and asthma symptoms. Our video highlights Katrina and her son Gabriel who have found immense relief from finding an air purifier that addresses these exact needs. Down below, you will find more moms (and dads) who have found similar success for their kids.

“I personally have had asthma, allergies and eczema my whole life. When Gabriel was born, we noticed he had all of the same stuff I had…I didn’t want that for him. I didn’t want to see him stuck inside while his friends were playing.”

“We had many trips to the emergency room, and we stayed over in the hospital a few times due to him [just] getting the common cold. He has slowly developed more and more symptoms as we have gone on, so I started looking into different options.”

“I’ve seen dramatic changes in both mine and Gabriel’s symptoms when using the Molekule. We’ve turned them on as soon as we got them and as the nights progressed, I was not waking up two to three times a night hearing him breathing hard or coughing or where I had to go in and place the mask over his face and give him his inhalers. That was the biggest plus, him just being able to sleep a whole night.”

“As Gabriel’s symptoms and my symptoms improved, we decided we should be able to get a dog and so we now have a puppy. Gabriel’s also chosen that he wanted to do karate and I kept telling him no because [he] couldn’t control his breathing. But now he’s started and getting to just see him running around the mat, acting like a normal kid is just amazing. He’s keeping up and he’s doing a whole hour of wrestling around and playing games and just being a normal kid.”
—Katrina K.

Bringing us peace of mind

“Molekule helped my newborn breathe and sleep.”
—Horacio F.

“I sleep with it and when I am home all day I move it into the living room. My toddler, husband, and I feel great all the time because the air is so clean.”
—Mom in N.J.

“We also burn wood in the main room, and it can make the house smell like smoke during the winter. That smell is now gone also. No one in the home has had the flu this season. My 14 year old felt bad and stayed home one day last week. I put the filter in his room as he slept most of the day. He never got worse and made it to school the next day. We love it!!”
—Tricia J

“We got our Molekule because my adult children had to sleep in the basement over Christmas and they complained of waking up stuffy and with headaches. This year we purchased the Molekule after hearing about it on a podcast. It seemed too good to be true. We tried it and were amazed how it cleared EVERYTHING from the air.”
—Christopher T., MD

“This unit is absolutely amazing! The day after I received the unit, my grandson came over and he said: “Grandma, your house smells so good!” Don’t get me wrong, I clean constantly and run essential oil diffusers, open windows, etc., but when you have nothing to filter your air, it’s a battle constantly! It is winter here and cold so opening the windows all day is not an option. I am so glad I found this company!”
—Lulu R.

Eliminating asthma and allergy triggers

“I have one and a child with lung issues. I’m very satisfied with the performance of the unit.”
—Raymond C.

“Since using my Molekule (and I was very skeptical of this), my son has 100% stopped his nighttime tossing and turning and coughing in his sleep. I’ve been using it now for almost 3 months (just on silent mode) and I can’t believe the immediate difference this has made. I have read some people online being skeptical if it works and if you will really notice a difference, well I can speak from my experience and say that anyone that is dealing with serious asthma/allergies should invest in this and will notice a difference at night. Thank you Molekule. I’m pretty certain you will see an order for another one for my room soon.”
—Lisa G.

“I have 3 of these. They have made a world of difference for my daughter with severe asthma and allergies. I can’t thank this company enough to be honest. She couldn’t make it through the night without coughing fits and now she sleeps soundly and can breathe through her nose. The cost is high, but at what cost is your child’s health? I feel like there’s no amount I wouldn’t pay for her to breath well. Even at her last appointment with her asthma and allergy specialist, they said after her breathing test, that there was vast improvement.”
—Kai C.

Choosing Molekule as the solution

“Have had one in my son’s room for nearly a year and a Coway in our living room, the Molekule is far superior. Far less visible dust, odors are eliminated much quicker. We even had an air quality test done and after the Molekule there was an incredible improvement.”
—Andrew K.

“Skeptical at first and doubtful it would outperform my $1000 IQAir system with $400 filters inside this monstrosity of a unit, it most certainly did. Amazed that this small compact mobile unit actually cleaned our air much cleaner than it already was. Each breath we took was satisfying. My fiancé and I looked at each other and couldn’t believe how much cleaner the air around us smelled. Almost like having an oxygen nasal cannula attached to your face (if you ever had one).

I have two younger daughters (7 and 16 months) and we place the Molekule system in their room at night. We noticed that they actually sleep longer into the morning. Friends and family have also commented on how clean our air smells. Molekule does an excellent job creating a clean air environment. We will be purchasing another unit in the future (unfortunately we cannot afford another one at the moment). But for those looking into an Air Purification System, Molekule is a must have!”
—Harold W.

Molekule has its roots in helping individuals and families breathe clean air, as the technology was first developed by a father who wanted to help his son who suffered from severe asthma. Though the experiences of parents quoted above will be different for everyone, we invite you to experience how Molekule can help offer relief to your family.