What Real Customers Say and Like About Molekule

When the Molekule air purifier came on the market, it introduced consumers to a completely new air purification technology: Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO). But you may be wondering how this technology stacks up against other air filtration methods. Fortunately, there is no shortage of customers and reviewers happy to share their Molekule experience

Molekule is currently not offered on Amazon, however you can find reviews from verified purchasers on our website. Our policy is to be completely transparent, so we never filter, edit or remove customer reviews. Below, we share a sample of what customers are saying about their Molekule air purifiers. We have grouped these comments based on different air quality issues to make it easier for you to find reviews that are most relevant to your specific concerns.

How well does Molekule handle allergens?

Many people consider purchasing an air purifier in hopes of finding relief from allergy symptoms. If you are wondering whether or not Molekule is the best air purifier for allergies, have a look what our customers are saying:

“We’ve only had our Molekule for a few days. However, I felt the need to so quickly review as the quality of sleep we have had the last few nights has been nothing short of incredible. It’s very dry and dusty out in the desert (Arizona) in which my wife and I would wake up multiple times each night due to our allergies. Once we ran the boost clean on our bedroom for a few hours it had changed our lives … Hands down best air purifier out there in my opinion.”

— Brandon P., Arizona

“We have had our Molekule for a week. I was going to give a review at the end of two weeks but we love it already. My husband has so many allergies and this is pollen season. He feels the Molekule makes a big improvement. It is quiet and the light is a soft glow at night. Perfect! I would buy it again!”

— Gale S., Facebook

“I bought it because my allergies have gotten so much worse in the last few years and I am tired of popping pills, headaches and watery eyes. Set was fast and I just let it run its initial cleaning. The very next morning, my entire apartment felt and smelled clean and fresh and my eyes stopped watering. Pretty fast results that I never had with a traditional purifier.”

— Ingrid O., Washington

Can Molekule help with asthma symptoms? 

Millions of people across the country suffer from asthma, which can take a heavy toll on your quality of life. Many of our customers turned to the Molekule air purifier because they are seeking for new solution with their asthma symptoms. Here is what a few satisfied customers had to say:

“My wife has asthma, and we have 2 Yorkie’s who sleep on our bed. She would wake up with heavy sinuses every morning. We had HEPA air filtration in most of our rooms in the house. After setting it up mid afternoon, when she woke up the next morning no stuffy nose at all and has been sinus free since we put it by her side of the nightstand. We recommend this air filtration to others very highly, for it really makes a difference.”

— Bo G., Georgia

“Set up was a breeze, placed it in our bedroom, it made such a huge difference in just a few weeks, I bought a second one for the living area. Looks nice, runs quietly and efficiently. I have severe asthma and multiple allergies, this has improved my quality of life, even the people I work with have noticed the difference. Thank you so very much.”

— Lesia H., Texas

“We live in Santa Rosa and our air quality was in the mid 200’s the five days prior. I have asthma and bad allergies and was totally miserable inside my closed up house. I ordered mine on Wednesday 11/14 around 11:00am and it was delivered the next day by 3:00. Plunged it in and had it running in less than 5 minutes. After an hour we could already feel the difference. My headache went away, our eyes quit burning, my stuffed up head improved and best of all my tight chest and mild cough went away! Been running it ever since.”

— Leigh N., Facebook

Will Molekule help with indoor mold issues?

Mold can come from a variety of sources ranging from environmental humidity to leaky pipes. If you are looking for an air purifier that can handle mold, the following reviews may help you decide whether or not Molekule is the right air purifier for you.

“Bought my first Molecule after arriving home after Hurricane Irma. We had water intrusion into our home and knew we would have MOLD growing in the walls where the water entered. After setting up my Molekule I had immediate relief from my sinus symptoms. Was so impressed I bought a second Molekule for my bedroom. A few months ago my sister-in-law began ripping the kitchen cabinets out of her house and found MOLD, etc. I loaned her one of my Molekules while she completed the work. With an hour of running the Molekule in her house, the smell that had developed from the demo work was gone. I highly recommend Molekule especially if you have allergies.”

— Heather B., Florida

“I live in an older condo and the condo below us has flooded out twice in the past year. I worried about mold and mildew. Since purchasing this I sleep better and notice the air seems so much cleaner! I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend one for anyone with allergies or just wanting a better indoor environment! It works!”

— Maura M., Facebook

“I bought my Molekule about 9 months ago after being diagnosed with mold and dust allergies. The nearly constant coughing I had experienced for months was exhausting and debilitating. Nights were virtually sleepless. Molekule was the best buying decision I’ve ever made. I made my decision primarily because of the way it destroys mold. Not only did it give me nearly instant relief, but it is easy to setup and use. . . There is a dramatically noticeable difference in the quality of air in the room—it’s a very fresh feeling … I think Molekule hit it out of the park with effectiveness, quality of materials and finishes, attractiveness and ease of use. I wake up every day feeling rested and ready to start the day rather than exhausted and sluggish. No more cough!”

— Aida F., Washington D.C.

How does Molekule perform against smoke?

Smoke is made up of a combination of gaseous pollution and particulate matter, both of which can be harmful to your health. For an air purifier to be effective against smoke, it must address both types of air pollution. Molekule users have raved about our air purifier’s ability to remove both cigarette smoke and wildfire smoke from their homes.

Molekule and cigarette smoke

“I live in a condominium complex two floors above a cigar bar. Often the cigar bar door is left open or smokers stand outside the bar to smoke. My Molekule has made a life-changing difference in the air quality in my home. Not only is the air fresher I have noticed less dust in my home.”

— Kathryn S., Georgia

“I invested in Molekule months ago as my husband is a heavy smoker and I have allergies, asthma, a dog 2 cats. I notice a definite difference in the air quality. The Molekule is a quiet operation, easy to operate and maintain and nice looking too. I’m very happy with my decision to purchase one and hope to purchase another one in the future also.”

— Gwendolyn P., Minnesota

Molekule and wildfire smoke

“I have had the Molekule in my home for about a month now. We started using it when the Camp Fire came to our hometown (Chico, CA) and the air quality was beyond dangerous. My daughter who is three suffers with asthma and was not doing well, even inside the smoke was thick. Within an hour of turning on the machine almost all the smoke was out of the living room. We moved it into different rooms and cleared the entire house! She is doing so much better!”

— Hillary E., California

“This device is a great addition for our health. We travel back and forth to eastern Washington, which has wildfire dangers and the resultant smoke particulates in the air. We take our Molekule with us and it performs admirably. Would recommend one to anyone who suffers from allergies, viruses, and indoor pollution.”

— Peter S., Washington

Whether describing how Molekule has decreased allergy and asthma symptoms, countered the ill effects of smoke, or simply left the user feeling satisfied, all of the reviews above show how the Molekule air purifier has made a positive impact on real-world Molekule owners and their indoor air quality. If you want to learn more about the Molekule air purifier, get to know our product here. You can also read other real customer reviews here.

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