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Originally published on on 1/5/22

TLDR: The blog post discusses the problem of vaping in schools, its hidden costs and disruption to the learning environment, and financial burden on schools. It shows how Aura Air's solutions can address this problem by providing vaping detection, advanced air filtration, removal of airborne pathogens, and real-time alerts and reporting capabilities, keeping the students safe and maintaining a healthy learning environment.

Vaping has become a major concern for schools across the country, and for good reason. Not only is it against the law for minors to purchase vaping products, but vaping can also lead to serious health problems and even death. Unfortunately, schools are facing a problem with vaping that is both hidden and costly.

A kid in glasses making a wondering face

One of the hidden costs of vaping in schools is the disruption to the learning environment. Students who vape during class can be a distraction to their classmates and may even miss valuable instruction time. Additionally, when students are caught vaping, it takes time for teachers and administrators to address the issue, further disrupting the learning environment.

Another hidden cost of vaping in schools is the financial burden it places on schools. Not only are schools spending money on disciplinary measures for students who are caught vaping, but they also have to pay for cleaning and maintenance of areas where vaping has occurred. This can add up quickly and drain valuable resources from schools.

Aura Air's solutions can help address the problem of vaping in schools and keep students safe. Our vaping detection technology can quickly and accurately detect the presence of vaping in schools, allowing administrators to address the issue before it becomes a problem. Additionally, our advanced air filtration and solutions for removal of airborne pathogens help make the school safer for students and staff to breathe.

In addition to our vaping detection and air filtration solutions, Aura Air also offers real-time alerts and reporting, which allows school administrators to stay on top of any vaping incidents that occur on school property. This allows them to take prompt action to address the problem and keep students safe.

It's important to note that Aura Air's solutions not only address the problem of vaping in schools but also improve the indoor air quality overall. This can have a positive impact on overall student well-being.

In conclusion, the hidden costs of vaping in schools are significant and can take a toll on both the learning environment and the school's finances. Aura Air's solutions can help address this problem by providing accurate vaping detection, advanced air filtration, removing airborne pathogens, as well as real-time alerts and reporting capabilities. By implementing these solutions, schools can create a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff.

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