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Molekule Device Cost.


The Molekule Air Purifier will start retailing at $799 in Summer 2017. The price will include a free 1 year filter subscription. Sales taxes are subjected to the states of California and Florida.

Since May of 2016 we launched multiple pre-orders at reduced prices.


Pre-Order Batch 1

Ships April 2017

Sold Out

Pre-Order Batch 2

Ships May 2017

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Pre-Order Batch 3

Ships May 2017

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Pre-Order Batch 4

Ships June 2017

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Starting Summer 2017



Molekule is currently working with its partners to launch a monthly installment plan. If you wish to pay for the unit over time. Sign up here to stay updated.

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Filter Cost.


Sensors inside Molekule monitor the life of the pre-filter as well as the Nano-Filter. New filters will be sent to your doorstep as needed. A flat rate of $99 per year includes as many filters as needed.

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