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Air Pro PECO-Filter

Molekule’s original filter uses patented technology to destroy organic pollutants with a light-activated catalyst that breaks down harmful pollutants like viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, VOCs, and more, on a molecular level.

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Mini / Mini+ PECO-HEPA Tri-Power Filter FAQ’s

The right filter can make all the difference. Here are some questions you may be asking yourself.

You need to replace the filter in your Air Mini+ / Air Mini air purifier to maintain the purifier’s effectiveness. Over time (approximately 6 months with regular use), dirty filters will accumulate a buildup of pollutants and particles, which can reduce its ability to effectively capture harmful contaminants in the air. A clean and functioning filter is essential for the purifier to work optimally and maintain the quality of the air in your indoor environment.

To ensure optimal performance of your Molekule Air Mini & Mini+ air purifier, Molekule recommends replacing the filter every six months, or more frequently if you use it in a particularly polluted environment. The filter replacement indicator light on the device will illuminate when it's time for a replacement. Replacing the filter on time is paramount to maintaining effective air purification and preventing the accumulation of harmful pollutants in your indoor environment. Using Molekule replacement filters is crucial to ensure the quality and efficacy of your air purifier.

The PECO-HEPA Tri-Power Filter combines three layers of filtration to effectively capture and destroy harmful airborne particles and pollutants, including bacteria, viruses, mold, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in rooms up to 250 square feet. The HEPA layer of the filter captures 99.97% of small particles, while the PECO layer inactivates organic pollutants. Finally, tThe activated carbon filter works to remove odors and gas. The PECO technology sets Molekule apart from other air purifiers. It destroys pollutants at a molecular level by using a chemical reaction that occurs when the filter is exposed to light. This process breaks down pollutants into harmless components like carbon dioxide and water vapor.

The Air Mini+ / Air Mini PECO-HEPA Tri-Power Filter is capable of removing a variety of pollutants, including pet dander, odors, gasses, mold, dust, bacteria, smoke particles, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful chemicals found in household cleaning products, furniture, and building materials. Molekule air purifiers can help reduce the risk of inhaling harmful pollutants and provide a healthier home environment.

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