Molekule Air

Air purification, reinvented.

Molekule Air

Designed for large rooms.

Molekule Air

Destroy pollutants. Don’t collect them.

Up to 600 sq. ft.

Molekule Air

  • Ideal for large rooms, up to 600 sq. ft. (master bedrooms, living rooms & family rooms)
  • Breakthrough PECO technology destroys pollutants
  • Beautifully designed, quiet & energy-efficient
  • Includes 6 mos. of filters. Automatic filter refills for $130/yr
  • Whisper quiet

    Sleep easy. Our air purifiers are made for even the lightest snoozers.

  • Ozone-free

    Not only do our air purifiers not emit ozone, they destroy it.

  • Filter auto-refills

    Filters ship automatically to your door when you need them. We cover shipping.

  • Free 30-day returns

    Don’t love it? Return it within 30 days for a refund—including shipping.

Destroy pollutants. Don't collect them.

PECO: The clear winner against HEPA.

Traditional HEPA filters only collect some pollutants. PECO actually destroys pollutants, including VOCs and mold, with the latest breakthrough technology.

Molekule Air uses two filters. The Pre-Filter captures larger particles like dust and pet hair. The PECO-Filter, coated with our proprietary light-activated catalyst, breaks down VOCs, bacteria, mold, viruses, allergens, and other pollutants at a molecular level.

Truly clean air, year-round. Delivered.

Convenience. Get filter refills delivered to your doorstep when you need them, to ensure your device is producing clean air year-round.

The latest in relief. Molekule’s constant focus on filter innovations ensures you’re always up-to-date with our latest filter technology. Molekule Air’s Pre-Filter traps large particles, while the PECO-Filter destroys pollutants.

Filter plan. Includes 6-months of filters. Automatic filter refills for $130/yr ($190/yr for Canada).

Molekule Air Spec Sheet


23” (53.4cm) height x 8.25” (20.95cm) diameter

Room size coverage

Up to 600 square feet (55.74 m²)

Filter cost

2 PECO-Filters, 4 Pre-Filters - $130/year

Power consumption

20-80 W (110/220v)

Noise level

Auto: 42dBa (hushed conversation)

Silent: 30dBa (whispered conversation)

Boost: 55dBa (normal conversation)


18 lbs. (8kg)


2-year Limited Warranty

Bundle & save. Try 30 days of fresh home air. 100% refundable.