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by Vanessa Graham

For those of us who consider our bodies to be temples, we may go (or perhaps run) that extra mile to make sure our sacred personal space is clean and welcoming. For the person in your life that is always looking for the latest in technology to help accomplish that goal, take a look at this list below. We have selected some products to put on, in, and around the body to make achieving wellness goals simple and sometimes even fun.


Everyone needs training


Even top athletes and nutritionists like to learn new methods of keeping healthy. Yoga is well-known as an exercise that offers strength and endurance training to almost all major muscle groups. It’s also a form of working out that benefits from a good teacher and routines that vary from session to session. Alo Yoga offers classes and gorgeous gear for men and women.


Whoop is an integrated health and fitness system. For less than the price of a gym, you can get their app and a fitness tracker. The app tracks your sleep, strain, and recovery via the Whoop strap, which can also be a sleeve or a bicep band if your chosen routine demands. You can also be part of the Whoop community with your friends to set goals and monitor them. If anyone you know needs a workout assistant to make their workout sessions as productive as possible, Whoop might be just right for them.

Quality in, quality out


The Vitamix is so amazing we would hesitate to call it a blender, but blending is what it does best and better than almost any other appliance. It is obviously excellent for blending fruits, vegetables, and other things to make smoothies, but its powerful engine can liquify most tough ingredients. It steps in during baking, sauce making, mixing, and some surprising other places to make cooking a little easier.


Speaking of smoothies, there are infinite combinations of fresh fruits, vegetables, supplements, powders, and all sorts of other wonderful things you can put in. Simple Green Smoothie’s boost powder includes hemp, chia, and flax seeds to offer a ton of plant-based protein. It is one of the healthiest ways to get some protein into your glass.


Daily Harvest is making it a little easier to make sure there’s healthy and plant-based foods available before or after getting work done. They offer several different plans that can be tailored to almost any lifestyle. Their meals and smoothies are designed to be prepared in minutes, which can leave a little more room in the day.

Put some tech on it


Working out is not the only thing that’s great for your muscles. Some external stimulation can also be great which is where the Hypervolt by Hyperice fits in. They say this personal muscles massager can accelerate warmup and recovery, improve range of motion and flexibility, reduce soreness, and even enhance performance.


Our newest air purifier is also our largest and most well-equipped. It can handle up to 1,000 square feet of space and features the same PECO technology that destroys pollutants like chemicals and pathogens. Air Pro also comes with an advanced particle detector that can measure three different sizes of particles and report back to you how they impact air quality. Then it can also be set to Auto Protect mode to automatically change speeds and adapt to changing air conditions.


The Larq water bottle is self-disinfecting. There is a UV-C light inside the bottle that is deadly to anything it shines on. With just a minute or two of activation, it can kill more than 99% of pathogens. They are also BPA-free and well-insulated for a hot or cold drink.

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