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As businesses consider how to open their doors safely during the Covid-19 pandemic, they are looking to minimize the potential for infection in spaces that will be visited by the public every day. Evidence suggests that the virus can remain airborne for hours, so many businesses are taking extra steps to clean the air. Molekule air purifiers remove airborne contaminants and infectious agents. They’re a welcome addition to any business and add a layer of protection to the space. They can currently be found in a variety of restaurants, hotels, and office buildings.


The Ocean House is a premier hotel in Rhode Island which recently started to offer Molekule in their rooms. “We consulted with an immunologist from the Harvard Medical School and we were told that the virus could be airborne, and so it was really important to us to have a very high-grade filtration system to ensure we gave the guests that feeling of comfort in their hotel rooms,” said Daniel Hostettler, President and Group Managing Director.

Molekule units are designed not just for functionality but with every part of the customer experience in mind, so they also fit aesthetically into curated spaces. “Our consultant at Harvard felt that it was state-of-the-art with the filtration system and it also had a look that would be contemporary in design and lend itself to our guest rooms here at Ocean House.”


“We wanted something that was medical grade,” said Doug Marschke, owner of the San Francisco Mexican restaurant Underdogs Too. “After 24 hours you could feel the air is cleaner.”

Workers in restaurants are exposed to higher amounts of indoor pollution, so even compared to life before the pandemic, the staff at Underdogs has been enjoying the cleaner air. Doug said that even the intense smells of cooking spices and meats at his restaurant are noticeably decreased. “Smells are particles in the air so you know that when those smells are leaving, you know Molekule is actually working.”


“We had to be able to take the precautions to do what we do very safely,” said Vinod Somaredy, DPT, who works at Reddy Care Physical Therapy just outside of New York City. “When the staff first found out about us using Molekule, I could easily say that everyone was super relieved.”

During the onset of the pandemic, Reddy Care’s business dropped by 80%-90%. “The goal for our patients is for them not to worry about their health, but for us to worry about their health,” Somaredy said.


Molekule encourages use of PPE and medical countermeasures suggested by government authorities. Air purifiers can provide an additional layer of protection to help reduce potential viral exposure. Molekule’s PECO technology is backed up by scientific research, all of which we make available on our website.

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