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Customers love Molekule Air Mini+.

Customer reviews for Molekule Air Mini+.



5 stars

New Jersey, USA


Excellent product! Significant improvement in air qualit

I typically have sever allergies and breathing difficulties, especially during winter / fall - we bought 2 Molekule units around 3-4 week sback.. left 1 near our master bed and 1 in the family room. whithin 1-2 days of using the product, the air quality...

Maggie A

5 stars



Sleek look, quiet and effective!

After a long fire season and working at home in a small apartment with two cats, I knew it was time for me to invest in an air purifier. After some research, I chose to go with the Molekule Mini+ and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The air feels...

Colin S.

5 stars



Worth the Cost

I initially got my Molekule Air Mini + as a gift back in June of this year. I had always been interested in the Molekule line, but wasn't quite ready to dive in with the full sized Air when I didn't need something that big for my bedroom. When the Mini...

Kristi V

5 stars

Durham, NC


Safety in a time of Covid

I purchased an air mini+ for my office once returning after the stay-at-home mandates were lifted in my city. We're still wearing our masks and using Molekule provides another layer of safety for myself and all who enter the space. Small and powerful yet...

Courtney J

5 stars

LaCrosse, WI


Small and mighty

I LOVE this air purifier. Much less dust in my bedroom and I wake up with less sniffles!! Definitely happy with the purchase and ease of use!

Ben W

5 stars

Portland OR


Mini+ for bedrooms.

I have tried the Air and Mini+ now for a month and have been satisfied. I bought originally to help with the wild fires here in the PNW and also, having a dog and a cat, my home can have a pet odor presence that I really am self conscious about. As a home...

Amanda M

5 stars

Cypress, CA


Love it!

We decided to buy the Molekule air mini+ because of the worse than usual wildfire season this year in California. Our daughter is a preemie with chronic lung disease so we were extra worried about the air quality. The Molekule mini has given us peace of...

Marcel C

2 stars

Brooklyn, NY


Too noisy and auto detect mode poor

Been wanting to buy a Molekule, but not until they fitted a sensor, which is standard on most other air purifiers. Finally they added this in air mini plus and air pro, so ordered one air mini plus and two air pro. The air mini plus arrived first and setup...

Nancy O

5 stars

Cornwall, CT USA


Great design awesome air purifier!

I bought this to put in my yoga studio because with the weather changing we won't be able to keep the windows open any more. I wanted something to help keep myself and my students safe from covid19. I love the design and the fact that it is very quiet. I...