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Customers love Molekule Air Mini+.

Customer reviews for Molekule Air Mini+.


Steph H

5 stars

White Bear Lake, MN


Don't hesitate to buy

My allergies to trees, grasses and weeds has left me swollen, sick and in the ER. I woke up every morning all year long tired, stuffy and sneezing. Not once since getting my Mini+ has this happened. I bought a second one for our living room and move it to...


5 stars



Air plus mini

Love fresh air!!!! Immediately noticed difference in room odors. I have 2 units, 1 in bedroom and 1 in kitchen. Helps enormously in reducing cooking odors

Jorge Panes

5 stars

Columbus, OH


Awesome little piece of technology

Definitely an improvement in air quality! I'm considering buying the larger one as well but I'm loving the HomeKit integration on the smaller one, looking forward to it!

Mark, J

5 stars

Columbia, SC


Mark's Molekule

Maintains a fresh and clean indoor air quality. I have two units which are placed in the living and bedroom areas and blend it with the room decor. Will acquire another pro unit before the summer is over.

Jeffrey M.

5 stars

McLean, VA


Helps alleviate my allergies during Spring

I backed the original Kickstarter campaign, and have both a Molekule Air and a Molekule Air Mini+. For me personally, the Molekule devices have worked very well to alleviate my seasonal allergies that occur during Spring each year. The pre-filters...

Jeff O

5 stars



Wow what a difference

Wife and daughter were really struggling with allergens. Molekules resolved the problems immediately. Incredible.

Diana F

5 stars

Princeton New Jersey


Good "So Far!"

Aesthetically pleasing, this machine works well so far... still only one week old but I have noticed the air is must cleaner. The Mini Air + runs quietly at night. I will definitely invest in another one for my living room. The App is pretty useless though...

Patricia H

5 stars



Molekule mini + is ideal

Love it so much I bought another one for an additional bedroom. Now I'm considering buying the large one for our great room! It makes the air in our large master bedroom smell great! I know it's working...there are less particles floating around. Less...