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Customer reviews for Molekule Air Mini.


Arne Q.

San Diego, CA



The little brother

I wrote to Molekule asking for this product many months ago. While their full size filter is nice, it looks too expensive for an office environment where someone could just walk off with your filter. I now own both products. The Air Mini is what you...

Jeffrey B

Loma Linda, CA



Mini Is Perfect!

I have had my Molekule Air for quite a while now and while that unit has been absolutely amazing, I was finding that the unit itself was a bit heavy to move around to where I might want to get good air purification. Right now I use the Air in my main...

Jordan D.

Rochester, NY



Worth Every Penny

I was hesitant to pull the trigger on this product given the price but having used one now for several weeks I can tell you it was worth every penny. I have noticed a huge improvement in the air quality resulting in me waking up much less congested every...

Dori D




Molekule Mini is mighty

This was our 2nd molecule product. This was the 1st Mini. I love the size, the look, the sound but disappointed with the strap. This is such an elegant looking Air purifier and I have the full sized molecule, I do not understand why they would use a...


Santa Clara, CA



Clear lungs!

After purchasing the Molekule Air, I could not wait for a mini version. I noticed right away I could breath easier and wrote to the corporation asking for a mini version. A year later, here it is... the mini was boxed nicely, easy to put together, and...

Cynthia, M

Deltona, FL



Mini Molekule

We already had an original Molekule, my daughter would take it into her room at night to help her sleep, and then bring it back out during the day, which was doable, but annoying. So when I saw the mini coming out, I decided to make life easier so my...

Marijo A

San Carlos, CA


I love this smaller Molekule!!

I love my new Air Mini! I use it in my bedroom and leave the bigger Molekule in the living room. I wake up with clear nasal passages. Since I'm allowed two carry-ons in the plane, I've seriously considered traveling with it.

Keith M

Fayetteville, NC



Great product!

Take it out of the box, plug it in, breathe! It is great at removing allergens, but what I did not expect was that it helps remove household dust! The Mini is perfect for a bedroom!




Best product, that I brought and i would never regret it..

My air mini molekuke It's awesome 😍😍🤗🤗🤗 it help me a lot for my nasal allergy. I never think it will be the answer for my allergy I'm so happy for it. Since i use it the product I was very impress to much of it Because I don't need to take any...