Customers love Molekule Air Mini.

Customer reviews for Molekule Air Mini.


Samantha S

Charlotte, NC



Exceeded my expectations!

I have had this air purifier for about a month now and I am very impressed. The issues I have been dealing with in my house (in Charlotte) are dust, pollen, and air pollution from the city. I have the mini in my bedroom and I can tell a difference between...

Dan C

Los Gatos, CA



Portable Filtration at its best with a Mini Form Factor!

Small is an understatement except for the big power of its filtration and ease of mobility. So... it's Portable, check! Bring it with you in your luggage or car for a short trip to clean out a stuffy hotel room, or place within the corner of an RV or...

Bethany B

Nashville TN



Does not turn on!

I saved up for quite awhile to be able to purchase this unit, and I was so excited when the MINI came out! I unboxed, plugged it in, and NO POWER. I tried it in all outlets in my and my neighbor's home, and NO POWER. I've now submitted an email and...

Anthony C




Just Feels Clean

I have had many air purifiers in my life. This one is the first that actually made the room smell clean and fresh. I know the reviews by consumer reports etc can be off-putting but I cannot complain about this product. It's functions well it's super quiet...

Mark A

Rising Fawn, Georgia


This tech is quite possibly literally saving my life

We have been chasing an illusive airborne toxin that is making me very sick. It is probably a fungal mycotoxin but we can not find anyone in the Chattanooga area, or remote labs that are able to confirm this. We have confirmed that it definitely is...

Jennifer T.

Milwaukee, WI



Quality Air Purifier

I recently bought the Molecule mini after using the full size air purifier for about a year. I like how quiet the machines are and the difference they make in cleaning the air. It is easy and convenient to replace the filters and I am always amazed at...

Chris J

Chicago, IL



Sleepful in Chicago

I've had my eye on Molekule for a couple years now, but the price was always out of my range. With the release of the Molekule Mini and a Black Friday sale, I finally made the jump and I don't regret it one bit. I can sleep longer at night, I don't wake up...

Jenny B

chicago, il



bye bye allergy meds

I've been using the mini for my bedroom for a week now and its fantastic. I have allergies to everything (dust mold, etc) so I take an allergy pill everyday for this otherwise I wake up in the morning sneezing my head off. But to my great surprise on the...

Arne Q.

San Diego, CA



The little brother

I wrote to Molekule asking for this product many months ago. While their full size filter is nice, it looks too expensive for an office environment where someone could just walk off with your filter. I now own both products. The Air Mini is what you...