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Customers love Molekule Air Mini.

Customer reviews for Molekule Air Mini.


Nancy R

Boston, MA


Exceptional Product

We've tried many air purifiers but Molekule is clearly a cut above the rest. Headaches were a common occurrence due to allergens in the air but they've largely ended due to our use of Molekule. It's also quiet--truly quiet--which aids in its helpfulness...

Steven B

Santa Barbara, CA


Absolutely helps

Because Molekule's approach is different and unique to cleaning the air, I feel like there was some initial skepticism about purchasing one over a more old school air system. Almost a year later, with virus-fears, wildfires and hot weather pollution...

Gilberto C

Jacksonville, Florida



Since I bought the Molekule mini several months ago my allergies have stayed at bay and I can breath better at night. I'm a happy customer! Furthermore, I bought a Molekule unit for my mom and she has not gotten sick since. Her asthma and emphysema ...

Andrew O

St. Louis, MO


Noticed difference after 1 night

I bought a Molekule Mini for our bedroom. Our two dogs sleep in the room with us (and sometimes our kids wander in for the night). The bedroom is also over the room downstairs where our 2 ferrets live. After 1 night with the new Molekule, I woke up without...

Jean v



Great purifier

It does a great job cleaning the air but it is a little loud on the highest setting.

Jenny F

Salisbury, CT


Fan of the adjustable speeds

I love being able to turn up the fan to deal with smoke getting into the house. People in my neighborhood have bonfires occasionally. This helps us deal with it.

Chelsea R

Long Beach, CA


The best air purifier on the Market

I am absolutely in love with my mini. I have horrible allergies and asthma to the point of tears. I can honestly say that this has dramatically reduced flare ups. On top of it working at an impeccable level it is also really aesthetically pleasing. It's...

Danielle D

New York, NY


Quiet help for allergies!

Love Molekule! Bought a large Molekule for my bedroom to help my allergies and ive noticed a difference. I now have a mini in my room and moved the full sized to my living/dining room. I love that i dont have to think about filter refills, they are sent...

Meghan M

Hanover, Massachusetts


High quality and well made product. Couldn't recommend more!

I have wanted to get a Molekule for a while after a friend recommended it, but was holding off given the investment. I ended up starting with a Mini, and I love it. You get what you pay for with air filtration systems, and its worth every penny! I grew up...