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Customers love Molekule Air Mini.

Customer reviews for Molekule Air Mini.


Andrea b



Can't live without it

What a difference the Molekule makes! No one in my house sneezes anymore. We bring it to hotels and other places to ensure we breath clean air.

Julie P

Los Angeles, CA


Molekule is a game changer!

We love our Molekule Minis! The plants near them are so much happier and perkier, sprouting new leaves. I feel my brain is functioning better and faster and my sleep feels deeper and I awake feeling really rested. I also love the almost silent purr at the...

Marley M

Boulder, CO


Loud and don't like the WiFi feature in my bedroom

It's just ok. I was expecting more but it's loud and doesn't seem to filter air that quickly. I don't like the fact that it has WiFi that I can't disable. I don't use the app with it and I'd rather not have the EMFs from WiFi where I sleep.

Ruben S.

San Francisco


Clean, minimal, amazing

I love my Molekule Mini. It's clean, minimal & amazing. I have a mini in my office and a regular size Molekule in my bedroom. Molekule nailed the design and functionality. One thing I do notice is that at the lowest & quietest setting the mini is still...

Chris T.

Merced, CA


Honest Review From An Honest Person

Molekule is awesome!! I am a very skeptical person, and it's hard to make decisions about products reading online reviews cuz everyone has a different opinion these days so i can never find an actual product that's 100% satisfaction. So I took the chance...

Dwight W

Sinking Spring, PA


Beware the Automatic Filter Billing

Molekule automatically bills you for filter replacements every 6 months. It's in the fine print when you buy a unit. I was appalled when I was billed $100 six months after I bought a unit without any notice other than the invoice. It would be fine if they...

Cameron P

Modesto, ca


Molekule in a Nutshell

Absolutely love my Air Mini. I feel like I sleep better at night especially during harvest season (tons of almond orchards around me) or spring when allergies are off the charts. It's quiet and effective. The interface with the app is really cool as well....

Anson, T

Lafayette, LA


10/10 would buy again

Bought two for my family and requested one for myself so we all got a Molekule for Christmas. Immediately and quietly cleans the air, i would get 2 more. I am waiting for a replacement filter, it's supposed to auto ship and the light to replace it has come on.

Richard K

Baltimore, MD


Horrible Product

We bought this for our bedroom and found that it has a light that blinks if the wifi gets disconnected. After being woken up in the middle of the night several times by this horrible feature, we become very skeptical about the other claims about this...