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Customers love Molekule Air Mini.

Customer reviews for Molekule Air Mini.


Quija, K

5 stars

Port Townsend, WA


Breathing Easier in Every Way

I first learned of the Molekule air filtration system from my daughter. She had purchased one for her home and was so excited to share how she loved how clean it made the air. My grandchildren were having chronic colds despite healthy diets and living....


5 stars




Works Immediately

Moved to a new place with quite amount of VOC and etc. and felt the difference immediately after using just for 5 minutes!

Dardan O.

5 stars

New York City, NY



A must-have for the home or office.

Molekule is no joke - from the science & research-backed product through to the company's customer support. The product works better than words can do it justice, and customer support is fantastic. Definitely recommend to others!

Kate W.

5 stars

Minneapolis, MN



Enjoying Cleaner Air

So thankful for my Molekule Air Mini - I got one for my office, and I can already tell the air is cleaner due to the absence of previous orders. We also got one for my partner's office, and one for our home because we'll be welcoming a new baby soon and...

Kiara B

5 stars

San Rafael, Ca



So fresh and so clean-clean

Molekule has changed my home and business life. During allergy season I have terrible allergies and this is my first season with Molekule, which has helped my symptoms dramatically! In CA this fire season has been awful and having Molekules running at my...


5 stars

San Francisco, CA



ChefMike Approved!!

Forget that I live in San Francisco and one day when we all woke up the sky was orange. Inside, the air was sweet and clean!! We LOVE our little Molekule! Love it. When we first got it, and before everything turned orange, we ran it for a few days and...

Sang N

5 stars




I can't think of anything better then Molekule

I got two mini Molekule that are running 24/7 at the house and the air is super clean. Then one day , one of the Molekule was not working. I email Molekule and they respond super quick and I had another Molekule mini at the house in two days!!! Their...

Nancy R

5 stars

Boston, MA



Exceptional Product

We've tried many air purifiers but Molekule is clearly a cut above the rest. Headaches were a common occurrence due to allergens in the air but they've largely ended due to our use of Molekule. It's also quiet--truly quiet--which aids in its helpfulness...

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