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Customers love Molekule Air Mini.

Customer reviews for Molekule Air Mini.



5 stars

Bay Point, CA



Good looking and powerful

Moved into a new home and decided to try out the Molekule Air Mini. I'm big into air purifiers and have purchased big and hefty ones in the past. This is not only very cool to look at but I have bad allergies so I could tell a huge difference in the...


5 stars




Peace of Mind

After doing some research, I got two Air Mini's for my children's bedrooms. I picked Molecule because there is science behind it. I know that air quality matters and one of my girls has various allergies. The air smells different in their room. The Air...

Stephanie R

5 stars

Fort Worth, TX



Immediate Improvement

I bought this for my bedroom. The first night using it I noticed my nose was not stuffed up and I was able to sleep through the night. I have now bought another one for another bed room and plan to get one for the living room. I have found the I can only...

Sarah C

5 stars

Cincinnati ohio



Better nights sleep

We live in an older apartment in the city. It has horrible ventilation. We were not sleeping well at all. We purchased our Molekule and by the second night we were sleeping as well as if we had a new apartment. I would definitely recommend

Brent W

5 stars

Bismarck, ND



Molekule great product

Loving how clean it's making the air in my home and how I can finally breathe through my nose. Great product wish I would've bought sooner.

Colene M

5 stars




No more headaches

I am keeping my fingers crossed but since my Molekule arrived a week or more ago, I am no longer experiencing annoying headaches during the night. So even though I'm not positive, I am almost convinced that it is the Molekule that has helped me. It just...

Joel C.

5 stars

Reno, NV



The Missing Piece To Incredible Sleep

As a health coach my number one focus before fitness or nutrition is sleep. I have invested thousands of dollars into creating an ideal sleeping environment from controlling the temperature of my room to controlling the temperature of my bed. What I...

Michael, S

5 stars

Miami Beach, FL



Must have from Birth

This will save your life and make you happy. I have three!

Bundle & save. 30-day trial. 100% refundable.