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Customers love Molekule Air Pro.

Customer reviews for Molekule Air Pro.



5 stars

Blacksburg VA


Molekule Air Pro

I have tried many air purifiers. After lots of disappointments, I purchased the Molekule Air Pro. Right away we noticed the air quality is much improved in our home. My husband sleeps better at night without waking up with allergies. We have cats (3)...

Carol H

5 stars

Hadley, ma


Fresh air

I love the pro as I can use the app for levels of any particles in the air and putting the setting on standard, when it detects anything, it boost the level to clean the air. It is amazing. I am in a hotel with molecule and when I used faucet water in my...

Melissa P

5 stars

Pittsfield, MA


Air Purifiers - keeping our employee's safe

We purchased these as a way to make the air in our business a little cleaner for our employees. We love them.

James S

5 stars



I think I feel good about it

I think it's doing a good job.

Gail B

5 stars

Johnstown Pennsylvania


Sleeping much better

I would always wake congested and my husband complained about my snoring. Now I have stopped snoring and get a restful nights sleep.

Saba, F

5 stars

San Francisco, CA



I love my Air Pro! I live on a busy street and was worried about pollution from all the cars driving by as well as my allergies so I bought an Air Pro for my open-concept space (kitchen, dining, living space). I have seen a noticeable difference in the...

Gayle M.

5 stars

Simsbury, CT


Prevented the spread of Covid

I was very nervous when two family members returned home testing positive for Covid after a holiday visit. We followed all CDC recommendations for the isolation and quarantine periods, but I wasn't sure how much of an impact our Molekule would have. I'm so...

Meacco V

5 stars

New Orleans


Best investment

My husband is allergic to pet dander but he loves me so he puts up with my 3 dogs and 2 cats. These air purifiers have made it where he is no longer bothered by the pet dander. Our air quality has improved to the point where I don't have to clean the...

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