Molekule Air Mini

Air purification, reinvented.

Molekule Air Mini

Designed for small rooms.

Molekule Air Mini

Destroy pollutants. Don’t collect them.

Up to 250 sq. ft.

Air Mini

  • Ideal for small spaces — studio apartments, kids’ bedrooms, and home offices
  • Breakthrough PECO technology destroys pollutants
  • Beautifully designed, quiet & energy-efficient
  • Includes a 6-month filter. Automatic filter refills for $99/yr
  • Whisper quiet

    Sleep easy. Our air purifiers are made for even the lightest snoozers.

  • Ozone-free

    Not only do our air purifiers not emit ozone, they destroy it.

  • Filter auto-refills

    Filters ship automatically to your door when you need them. We cover shipping.

  • Free 30-day returns

    Don’t love it? Return it within 30 days for a refund—including shipping.

Destroy pollutants with PECO technology.

PECO: The clear winner against HEPA.

Traditional HEPA filters only collect some pollutants. PECO destroys them, including VOCs and mold, with modern, breakthrough science.

Molekule Air Mini uses a patented PECO-Filter, which is coated with our proprietary catalyst and breaks down VOCs, bacteria, mold, viruses, allergens, and other pollutants at a molecular level when activated by light.

Truly clean air, all year-round. Delivered.

Convenience. Get filter refills delivered to your doorstep when you need them, to ensure your device is producing clean air year-round.

The latest in relief. Molekule’s constant focus on filter innovations ensures you’re always up-to-date with our latest filter technology. Molekule Air Mini’s two-in-one PECO-Filter traps large particles and destroys pollutants, including tiny VOCs.

Filter plan. Includes a 6-month filter. Automatic filter refills are $99/yr for Molekule Air Mini (US only).

Molekule Mini Spec Sheet


12” (30.48cm) Height x 8.26” (20.98cm) Diameter

Room size coverage

Up to 250 square feet (23.22 m²)

Filter cost

2 PECO-Filters - $99/year

Power consumption

18-53 W (110/220v)

Noise level

30-52 dBa


7.3 lbs. (3.3kg)


2-year Limited Warranty

Bundle & save. Try 30 days of fresh home air. 100% refundable.