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Customer reviews for Molekule Air.


David G.

Stokesdale, NC



Love the air I breathe with my MoLEKULE.

It was so easy to use, settings and placement. Noticed cleaner fresher air, dust free, pollen free and mold free in less than a week. I've been using mine since June of 2018. I sleep better and wake up refreshed, I can tell a huge difference. Filters...

andy l

Dallas TX



Hamstrung by software

My Molekule experience started off rocky from the jump. Some how my order was lost and I got no notification of the fact. I messaged after waiting some time and not receiving tracking. They said that the order/unit was lost in the system and I would have...

Crystal Fyre




Molekule for me

My Molekule has greatly reduced mold spore counts in my bedroom. I had it tested from an environmental specialist to make sure I didn't have a mold problem in my house. My house was okay, but specifically in my bedroom, he said he had never seen mold...

Darlene T

Byars Okla



Prefer indoor air for allergies and asthma

We have had our Molekule 3 months. There is absolute improvement in air quality. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats indoors most of the day. My husband doubted the purifier would work. He commented on how it had helped his congestion within the first month. Highly...

Alisha S

New Jersey



My Molekule "Big Daddy"

It was a surprise to get my Molekule. Got it as a Christmas gift. We moved into a house that had cats and dogs before we lived there and I'm allergic to cats. Also the house tested positive for mole that was making me quite sick. The Molekule was easy to...

Terry R




Love my clean air

So I moved into a tiny home on a kind of estate, when I first went to see it I thought I could smell dampness. The owner assured it only flooded once. Needed a place to live, and this was perfect for me a beautiful quite setting close to the university...

Caroline G

Beachwood, NJ



Molekule is a GAME CHANGER!!

Molekule has greatly impacted my life and I am so thankful my doctor shared this with me. The set up is super easy and I use it mainly in my classroom where there are toms of germs, mold and viruses. I have not been sick since I have used it. It's been...

Terry P

Visalia, CA



Better Air

We've had our Molekules a little over 2 years now. We have one in the living room and one in the bedroom. They certainly clean the air. When we change the filters, we are always surprised at how dirty they are. The air quality in the Central Valley is not...

Tony F.

Irvine, CA



Efficient, Effective, Quiet, Easy

The Molekule boasts sleek design, powerful filtration, and simple app setup. I've got one in my bedroom silently humming along, cleaning the air I breathe when I sleep. :) Configuration is set-and-forget: just pick the size of the room it's in and connect...