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Customers love Molekule Air.

Customer reviews for Molekule Air.


Erin O

1 star




Useless app

The app does not work. Hasn't worked for a year or longer. This is actually the only issue I have with the device. I have contacted molekule about it, but yet again it doesn't work. With out the app, this product is Not worth the $$. I cant control...

Marilyn N

5 stars




It works

The unit offers different settings for room size, and varying strengths with appropriate noise levels. I also appreciate the dark setting for nighttime. Best of all is that customer service is second to none. Any issues are dealt with in a kind, prompt...

Vu Vo

1 star

Garland, TX



Noisy, high pitched noise from the fan

The unit was working fine until now, three months after the warranty expired, of course. Even in the silent mode, the high pitch noise is loud enough that my son can no longer sleep while having the unit turned on.

Ian S

5 stars




Don't fear the reviews, the best work takes the most time.

Molekule is more than a HEPA filter and they rightfully do not claim to be one. They destroy the widest range of pollutants, even if it takes longer and we can breathe better. Molekule is rethinking air quality in a new way. I believe they will find...

Melissa F

5 stars

Huntsville TX



Immediate difference

I immediately felt a crispness and freshness in the air I breathe. I no longer wake up in the morning with my eyes glued shut. The only drawback is that I don't smell my potpourri because it's so good at reducing smells!

Lizanne W.

5 stars

Santa Rosa



Molekule rocks

I love the Molekule and would recommend it to everyone!

Chris F

3 stars

Poway, CA



The Filters Changed

When I first got my Molekule it was great. I was amazed by what it was taking out of the air. I was really breathing all of that! No wonder I was getting sick all the time and staying sick for long periods. In the last 6ish months I got a new set of...

Gloria g

3 stars

Los Angeles, Ca



Not sure if it's helping

Since we got the Molekule I have been waking up stuffy which is unusual. One of the reasons I got it is because my husband was sneezing in the morning when waking up. This hasn't stopped. Have been meaning to call to get advice. Not sure if it's working of...

Tracy A

3 stars

San Francisco



Love the Molekule; hate the app

I've had noticeable cleaner air (and fewer colds, allergy symptoms) since purchasing my Molekule over a year ago, and it has now seen me through two California wildfire seasons. For that alone I should give this five starts BUT the app will not stay...