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Paul M.

North Reading, MA


I own two

My home is heated with a forced hot air system that has really good filtering as part of the system. Unfortunately there are two places in the house the are not part of this system, my office in the finished basement and my wife's office in the finished...

Tamara W



Leaves my room feeling more pure

I was having horrific allergies this year. We started keeping the house closed up with the AC on and that seemed to help a bit. I was no longer waking up quite as congested, but having the Molekule next to our bed seems to add that extra layer of...

Holly H

North Carolina


I own the Original large and the mini plus

I have been reading these reviews just for kicks and I have a few things to say. I have owned the large canister Molekule for over a year and have it in my large living room,kitchen open concept space. I have 4 dogs, a pet pig and an African Gray parrot....

Jay C.



Don't spend the money!

I have seen very little benefit from this unit after a year of use. I have allergies to typical household allergens, dust, dust mites, etc. I have sadly not noticed any real improvement in my sinuses, the main reason I purchased it. One of the problems I...

Judy L.

Venice, Florida


My clean air machines!

I have the Molekule AND the Molekule Mini. I'm almost afraid to say this, but I haven't been sick since I (first) got the full size one. I have allergies and asthma. Before I had them, I was coughing and wheezing all night. I would highly recommend! :)

Ileana, SB

Los Angeles, CA


Mo Hepa filter

Mo hepa filter is an ingenious hepa filter love how it works and how it is aware of any smoke that bother the environment. We have our in the kitchen in the nook area were we study and cook. We notice how it increases in speed to clear out the air room....

Joe K

Palm Springs, CA


Loving our Molekule

We live-in an area where there's a lot dust/sand in the air. Our new Molekule has made a major difference!! Thanks!!

Mike K

Denver, Co


Good product

The quality of the air it releases is great. I love being able to control it via the internet/app, but wish I could turn it completely off without having to unplug it. Prepare to pay a lot for filter replacements.




Molekule for

I bought MoleKule due to the covid crises, to help purify the air. I like it.