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Customers love Molekule Air.

Customer reviews for Molekule Air.


Andrea A

5 stars

Denver, CO



It's attractive and it works well

I have my Molekule running 24 hours 7days a week. I live in an old house with two dogs and felt I needed something to help filter the air. I also found it really helpful last year when the air was so smokey from all of the Colorado forest fires. A...

Barb G.

5 stars

Hailey, ID



Easy protection

I bought three Molekule's for my home ( two Air models, one mini plus). I purchased them during the COVID pandemic, but am happy to have them for my allergies. I just feel like they are an added layer of protection, and provide cleaner air to breath. I...

Chris C

5 stars

Hartsdale, NY



Love my Molekules

I was hesitant about buying these, but went ahead and bought the Molekule Air and the Air Mini +, and they have not disappointed! This year has been brutal on my allergies, and as soon as 3 days after setting these elegant purifiers up, I no longer needed...

Scotty W

5 stars



Molekule Air Pro

It really works better than traditional Hepa filters. My asthma and allergies are much better now. They get rid of much smaller asthma triggers.

Heather L

5 stars



Love my molecule!

I have been working at home during the pandemic and love how fresh and clean the air in my home is ever since I added the air pro. I had a molecule air in the space that I moved downstairs and that helped the air considerably there. What I love about the...

Joyce R

5 stars

Memphis, TN



Easy to use

Very user friendly. Gives a sense of security that you are breathing "Good" air. Very quiet. Very pleased with this well built product. Money well spent!

Mark, J

5 stars

Columbia, South Carolina


Molekule Satisfaction

Noticeably improved my home IAQ. Molekule customer service is unequalled.

Renee B

5 stars

Gulf Breeze, Florida



Can't Live (or Sleep) Without It!

We have two dogs (large labradors) that sleep in our room, one in the bed with us. We also live on the water, and it can get very humid along the Gulf Coast. We noticed some mold spots on our wood ceiling and pet hair and dander have always been an issue....

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