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Debra G




My molecule

I love how this works and cleans the air and how quiet it is

Francis, Tremblay




Thanks for the design

Once the product was received, it was easy to get it out of the box given the fact that it was in a bag which was allowing an ease to pull the unit out of its box. The setup was very easy. It is basically "plug and play". It does a great job of removing...

India, H

San Leandro


What an amazing product and an amazing team of human beings!

I received my Molekule in the peak of fire season in California and I am so grateful! As son as it was running I could feel a difference in the air quality in my entire living room versus the rest of the house. People would come to our house just to sit...

Shelley C

Orange, CA



my molekule and I - the relationship

I have both the Air and the Mini. I have allergies to dust mites, mold and pollen. I also have adult onset asthma. On top of all that I have a dog and cat!!! Yikes. With the help of my physicians I have been able to decrease the amount of allergy...

Cheryl C

rome, ga



Molekule Machine

The set up was so easy as well as filter changes. Bought first one for my Allergies. Since on it I am no longer on allergy shots and per doctor my lung function has improved. I bought a second one for my bedroom to also help with my allergies. I bought a...

Jason N

Villa Park, IL



Great, Sleek Solution

Easy set-up and filter ordering. App to help control. Feels god to have clean air.

Laine F

Concord, NC



It's mine! Get your own!

Setup was so simple. It's quiet. Works great. My allergy symptoms are incredibly less.

Robert K

Brooksville, Florida



Molekule in a nutshell

Easy set up, air quality improved right away and the unit sits nicely in corner of bedroom. Bought a mini which I take with me when I travel

Tim B

West Hollywood



Extremely expensive, low performance.

The product design is beautiful, but unfortunately it had my asthmatic family still wheezing. After getting a more highly rated and 1/8 of the price filter, no more asthma attacks. Extremely disappointed in this product. Have had it for over a year now...