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Customer reviews for Molekule Air.


Tony O

Boston, MA.


Perfect for my studio apartment

I am impressed with my Molekule. Easy to set up, very quiet , modern design, and I can actually notice a difference in the air quality in my apartment! So happy I decided to finally purchase it.


North Bergen, NJ



delivers what it has promised

i got both air & air mini. i've been putting off getting an air purifier for a while. looking at consumer reports vs manufacturer claims vs prices. back then, i had covid & wanted to breathe better, as well as sanitize my indoor air. molekule helped a lot!...

Dr. Dennis P.




Excellent product

The device fits my professional needs perfectly. I installed the device to protect my patients, my staff, and myself, particularly in this age of Covid-19. It purifies the ambient and circulating air in a very quiet, obscure way.

Marc P




The unit is great - air quality noticeably better

Condo living in Toronto - Very poor airflow in my unit and my only window faces a busy street. The Molekule has done a great job cleaning the air on Auto, and it's convenient to switch to Boost mode when I'm sweeping up etc. I had a little hiccup with the...

Roy L.

Hong Kong



Great peace of mind

I owned the Air for sometime for the living room and bought the Air Mini later for my bedroom and love it. Hardly know it's there working in the background. Unfortunately, there's no direct shipment to Hong Kong...hope that gets resolved soon.

Ryan B

Chattanooga , TN



Molekule cleans our inside air

Our air inside is cleaner. Our son in law is allergic to cats. We run the air purifier on high for a few hours before he comes. He has no trouble with watering eyes or skin itching. We love our Molekule.


York, PA



My Molekule

We think that our indoor air is more pure now. We keep it running 24/7, and have for almost 6 months. I have a sofa that causes an allergic reaction when I am sitting on it or even when I am standing a few feet away. I parked my Molekule 8' away and hoped...

Gloria C




I bought one for myself

I bought one for myself, then I liked it so much, I bought 2 more for my adult children.

Charles Y

Los Angeles, CA


Great product, terrible app

I own 2 Molekule Air's and 1 Air Mini. I think the product works great and i noticed a difference. The only problem I have is it's really expensive. The product and the filters. Especially the Molekule Air. It requires 2 filters. The second problem i...