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Customers love Molekule Air.

Customer reviews for Molekule Air.


Brynda B



Best Air Purifier I've ever owned.

Once I was making hummingbird food on the stove. I forgot to set a timer and forgot about it until I smelled smoke. The entire first floor of my house was filled with acrid smoke and burned my eyes. Luckily I averted a worse disaster but the smell was...

Elizabeth M

Oakland CA


I have issues with the molekule air after under 1 year

I do not think my reviews are getting posted. I have had issues that sounds like the motor is dying on the Air. This happened with the mini as well. Both less than a year old. Molekule customer service was good in that they were able to replace/return it...


Atlanta, Georgia



I have been running the Molekule constantly since I bought it and have noticed no difference in the air quality. I am very dissatisfied with your product.

Dineh B

Ventura, CA


Molekule in a nutshell.

I love the Molekule. I have great clean air all throughout the day. Low sound for night and I can feel the difference in the air. My allergies are so much better now with Molekule running all day.

Ruth S

Austin Tx



I love the clean feeling in the house. The air feels soft and cooler.

Charlotte, P

Denver, CO


Helping with my son's allergies

I gave the Molekule to my 24 year old son who lives in Denver, CO and has chronic sinusitis. He is not quite ready to do surgery or get shots for a full year. He wakes up every morning with the inside of his mouth caked (sorry for TMI) as he cannot breath...

Dawn B

Fairview Texas


Spring air without the windows

I purchased the Molekule air because I am a healthcare provider and needed to do everything possible to keep my essential worker household safe. My spouse is a first responder and we both have significant risks we must take during this pandemic. I could...

lee S



molekule ...

I bought these for the virus and used for the west coast smoke. Quiet and functional. Happy to have these in our homes.

Aamena I

Brooklyn, NY


I can breathe easy !

Having a Molekule at home definitely helps ! The air feels lighter and my friends with cat allergies can last longer when they come over ! It's very quiet and looks good too. My kitty loves the air that comes out too 😆