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Clean air, year round.

The need to breathe healthy has never been greater. That’s what Molekule is here for. Now, thanks to your support, we move forward through a new year, with a vision clearer than ever.

It’s been two decades since my father, Dr. Yogi Goswami began researching how to alleviate my brother Dilip’s crippling asthma so he could breathe easier. Today, we’re committed to applying our father’s PECO technology to eliminate indoor air pollution in every home, so we can all breathe easier. What started as a quest to improve a single life has evolved into Molekule’s mission to help everyone.

Now, as we move through early 2019, we enter a new phase for Molekule, inspired and made possible by you.

Our progress in 2018

Many purifiers on the market make plenty of claims. But truth speaks for itself. As a science-first company, we believe transparency is the only way to treat you with the respect you deserve. This is why we have made our performance results and scientific data public here at our website. We invite you to dig in.

Staying true to scientific values means we don’t quit on improving our product. Our filters have already undergone two updates since launching, and we run a dedicated R&D lab to make sure we’re always bringing you our latest advancements.

Over the last year and a half, we’ve steadily published helpful air quality information on our blog, curating it into a deep resource for readers who care about the air they breathe. Beyond just discussing our recently published science reports, we wanted to be helpful when unfortunate natural disasters struck as well. When these events unfolded, we offered tips on dealing with poor indoor air quality due to wildfire smoke, or contaminants such as mold build-up from hurricane flooding. At our core, we want the Molekule Blog to be an additional resource to any of your additional indoor air quality concerns.

Last year saw two of the worst wildfires in California’s recorded history. The tragedy affected many close to us, and as a San Francisco-based company, we felt it our duty to contribute to the smoke relief effort where we could, by delivering units to those who needed it most.

You may have seen our previous announcement on investment funding. New financing and research means we can expand our team, product line and ability to scale our manufacturing, while positively impacting more lives. While we can’t give away too much just yet, we believe tackling air pollution is the next great, looming challenge for humanity, and one we’ll be on the front lines for. Follow our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) for the latest research, product announcements and evolving technology.

Thank you and onward

Clean air is fundamental to our quality of life. We want the world to breathe indoor air that’s pollutant-free. And because there are still so many places that need clean air, our mission is far from over. Because clean air is something we all deserve, and thanks to your help and support, it’s also an idea that becomes more of a reality with each passing breath.

Breathe healthy.

– Jaya Rao & Dilip Goswami
Co-Founders, Molekule

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