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Molekule is thrilled to share that some of the advanced air quality insights customers love on Air Pro are now available for Air Mini+. Starting today, Air Mini+ customers can upgrade their Molekule app to see real-time air quality data and look back over their air quality history for the day, week, or month. At Molekule, we believe knowledge is power and we want to put the power in the hands of our customers so they can make informed decisions about their homes and health.


Here’s what to expect with the latest update to your Molekule app for Air Mini+

Within the app, customers can see air quality measurements allowing them to go back and track air quality trends and have a birds-eye view into what the air really looks like in their space. A particle level reading will give users a good, moderate, bad and really bad rating based on particulate matter sensed in the air.

Air quality trends over time

Behaviors at home or in the office can drum up some of the worst air offenders people may not even realize. With the updated home air quality monitor, Air Mini+ customers are now able to see the current particle level in their space and also view changes throughout the previous four weeks. The feature tracks particle levels over a 28-day period using the purifier’s PM2.5 sensor. Particles that are 2.5 microns or smaller are considered especially dangerous to human health because they bypass many of our body’s defenses.

Being able to see air history over four weeks allows people to stay informed about how their air quality changes over time showing how many hours per day or week their device rated their indoor air quality from Good to Very Bad.

Air quality stats on Molekule air purifier app

Auto-generated air quality graphs

New graphs will display air quality category colors and allow Air Mini+ owners to view daily and weekly particle counts as a whole, helping them discover and mitigate poor air quality patterns. Tracking their air quality daily in comparison to the past 28 days will help them to spot PM2.5 spikes and clean air trends, and provide the knowledge needed to adjust behaviors accordingly.

Take action to improve the air you breathe

With more historical information about their air quality, people can begin to see patterns of pollutants in their homes, and take action to avoid events that cause poorer air quality. This could mean opening a window before cooking, allowing new furniture to off-gas with proper ventilation, or avoiding certain VOC-producing products. We want our customers to be aware of the air quality in their homes, with the peace of mind of knowing they have an extra layer of protection with PECO technology.

Knowing how and why indoor air quality is changing is empowering—it gives you the opportunity to make small changes in your space to improve air quality over time. Molekule owners can rest easy knowing that their device is always sensing, always purifying, and always protecting their indoor air.

How to enable the new Day View feature on Air Mini+ or Air Pro

Download or update your Molekule app (Apple App storeGoogle Play store) as normal according to the operating system of your smartphone. To update the firmware, first be sure it’s connected to wifi, then unplug the device for about 30 seconds, then plug it back in. It should restart once or twice, then it will be ready.

If your purifier is connected and onboarded in the app:

To update the firmware, first be sure it’s connected to wifi and added into the Molekule app.

Unplug the device for about 30 seconds, then plug it back in and wait for it to start up again.

After a successful firmware update occurs, the purifier will automatically reboot once more, after which, you will see all 6 components of the air activated in your experience.

If you have never connected your purifier to the app:

With your phone’s wifi activated, get near your plugged-in purifier.

Open up the updated Molekule app and add your purifier to the app.

After your purifier is added to the app, you will notice that it will automatically enter a Firmware Updating cycle after which it will reboot and you will have the latest and greatest firmware with pollutants showing in your app and purifier experience.

After onboarding, it may take a couple of minutes to start the update automatically

The Air Pro and Air Mini+ sensor suites open a window into your air quality. It’s important to keep in mind that air is complex, filled with elements that only the most scientific lab equipment can detect – and while air purifiers are an important part of air quality, they cannot completely protect you from the effects of air pollution or airborne infectious diseases.


Start Cleaning Your Air Today

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