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Before making any big purchase, it is a good idea to do some online research to ensure you are getting the most value for your money. An air purifier is no different. You are making an investment and choosing to be proactive about reducing air pollution in your home, so the last thing you want is to waste your hard-earned cash.

Fortunately, there are plenty of Molekule reviews out there that can give you a good idea of what people are saying about our air purifiers. In this blog post, we gathered some of the top reviews, along with links that can help you do a little research of your own.

Does Molekule work? Check out these reviews

Here, we have gathered some quotes from air purifier reviewers who tested out a Molekule air purifier. These experiences can give you an idea of what you can expect when you purchase a Molekule air purifier:

“The Molekule Air Purifier is, in my opinion, the best air purifier that I have ever tried. I have spent hundreds of dollars on air purifiers with Hepa filters, and on many other devices that turned out to be just gimmicks . . . This air purifier has given me such relief when I am at home, that no one would even know that I suffer from chronic allergies . . . While the Molekule is much more expensive than any other air purifier that I have owned, it stands alone at the top of its class.” –Julian Perry, The Gadgeteer

“We liked the PECO process because it can destroy both particulates and gaseous pollutants without releasing ozone or other chemical byproducts. Also, there is no chance of off-gassing, which is pretty common in the activated carbon filter . . . If you are looking for a beautiful and compact air purifier that will neutralize air pollutants rather than just collecting into filters, then you can go for this unconventional Molekule Air Mini.” –

“At the auto level, Molekule runs quieter than a fan running on low. It’s actually a very pleasant sounding white noise, but not at all room-filling . . . Having started out as a complete skeptic, I’ve been won over . . . If you’ve tried 10 different air purifiers . . . and are always a little disappointed with the results, Molekule will probably be the 11th and final air purifier you get. For you, it’s worth the price.” –Lory Gil, iMore

Verified Purchase reviews on Amazon

If a customer writes an “Amazon Verified Purchase” review, it means that Amazon has verified that they bought the product from Amazon and did not receive a steep discount. Some of the top Amazon reviews for Molekule air purifiers include:

“I ordered this Molekule air purifier for the main living area in a 2 bedroom apartment . . . I LOVE the modern, sleek design and was so impressed with the packaging when it arrived. The setup process was really easy to get it started and synced to my app. I love smart home technology so this was a perfect fit for my home. The handle makes it easy to carry around the home to find the perfect spot. On the app you can see a % of filter usage and know exactly when to replace your filter. It also comes with one more which is nice . . . It’s not too loud and I hardly notice that it’s on, so it’s not distracting at all.”

“I’ve had this purifier in my 2 bedroom apartment for about two weeks now and I wish I had looked into air purifiers sooner. I have two pets, and I have friends who visit with allergies & I have sensitive skin myself and allergies but the last two weeks of coming home, I genuinely feel like I come home to very clear, allergen free air. I like that you can check the filter status from the app, but I also really enjoy that it has three modes . . . This is my first time reviewing an air purifier but I really enjoy the effects that I’ve felt from this one! Clean air is so important for self care, and physical well being!”

“I am THRILLED with this air purifier. As an elementary teacher, I am always doing everything that I can to keep my classroom as clean and germ-free as possible. . . This is definitely an expensive purchase but I feel that it is well worth it.”

What Molekule customers have to say about their experience

We also gather customer reviews on our website to make it as easy as possible for you to read the experiences of real customers who have purchased Molekule air purifiers. Here are some of our reviews:

Molekule Air Review

“This is a beautiful, efficient, brilliant machine that ACTUALLY works! I just convinced my sister and son to purchase a Molekule Air and they were instantly blown away with how fast it began to work for them. The room the Molekule is in has a strange and mysterious climate of freshness, as if the air is lighter somehow. Amazing product. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? A thousand times. . . . Thank you creators of Molekule for all that you do.” – Gay K.

Molekule Air Mini Reviews

“A must-have for the home or office. Molekule is no joke – from the science & research-backed product through to the company’s customer support. The product works better than words can do it justice, and customer support is fantastic. Definitely recommend to others!” – Dardan O.

“I’ve been using the Molekule Air Mini for a couple months and have noticed a big air quality improvement in my bedroom where I keep it running all day. I needed an air purifier that could handle VOCs because everything in my new apartment, including my new furniture, is out-gassing so much it was giving me headaches. I picked Molekule because the technology … and I liked it’s sleek design. About an hour before bed, I turn up the power up to it’s top speed (5) and close the door and windows. When I come into the bedroom, I can immediately tell the difference in air quality between rooms has improved. Once I’m in the room, I drop the speed down to 2 or 3 for sleep. I’m very happy with this product.” – Erik H.

Molekule Air Pro Reviews

“I have been working at home during the pandemic and love how fresh and clean the air in my home is ever since I added the air pro . . . What I love about the air pro is it will kick itself into high gear if the air is smelly – mainly happens when cooking. A bit of a comment on my cooking but I’m thoroughly impressed that it cleans up the air so quickly . . .” – Heather L.

Scientists agree that Molekule works

Customer reviews are a great way to get an idea of what you can expect from a product, but the average consumer may not be able to give you any insight into how well an air purifier actually cleans the air. They can tell you their experience — whether they notice fewer odors or dust — but they are probably not actually measuring indoor air pollution levels around the air purifier. Fortunately, scientists have stepped up to test how well our Molekule air purifiers perform under different circumstances.

For example, in 2020, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, an independent, third-party national laboratory, tested the ability of the Molekule Air to remove pollutants from the air. They also measured whether the unit gave off any byproducts — such as VOCs or ozone — while it was in use.

The study’s authors spent days testing the Molekule Air in a controlled environment. They exposed it to pollutants commonly found indoors: ozone and the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) formaldehyde, toluene and limonene.

They found that the Molekule Air was highly efficient in removing VOCs and ozone from the air, meaning that it has the capacity to “remove indoor gaseous pollutants at levels that are typically present indoors.” Plus, it was able to do so without producing any harmful byproducts.

In a different study, the University of Minnesota tested the Molekule Air Mini against different airborne viruses, including bovine and porcine coronavirus, as well as H1N1 influenza. They found that the unit inactivated those viruses by as much as 99.99% in a single pass through the PECO filter. Molekule air purifiers have not been tested on COVID-19. While air purifiers can provide an additional layer of protection to help reduce potential viral exposure, Molekule encourages use of PPE and medical countermeasures suggested by government authorities.

All this rigorous research helped lead to Molekule Air Pro RX, Air Mini, and Air Mini+ receiving clearance from the Food and Drug Administration as a Class II medical device intended to destroy bacteria and viruses in the air for medical purposes.

Additional testing on Molekule air purifiers

A lot of research has been done to confirm the Molekule air purifiers’ ability to remove VOCs, particulate matter (PM) and bioaerosols from the air. One such series of tests was done by an independent, third-party laboratory, Intertek, which looked into the efficacy of the Molekule Air, Air Mini and Air Pro. With labs all over the world, Intertek is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) by OSHA in the US. In separate studies, the lab found that:

If you want to learn more about Molekule, you can check out which air purifier is right for your space here.

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