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This holiday season we’re very excited to partner with interior design expert Bobby Berk who shares our goal of celebrating design that is both functional and aesthetic. The global Covid-19 pandemic has both the party thrower and the party goer thinking a little differently about going out this year, but the basic festive elements are not going to change.

One of Molekule’s founding principles is Human-Centered Design. We believe that every design choice must have a function that addresses a solution. Our purifiers are made to fit comfortably into prominent positions in the home without spoiling decor, so their air flow is effective and not blocked behind a piece of furniture.

Simple party hosting tips for the holidays

There is no need to literally deck the halls, just a few small choices can make for a pleasant atmosphere when hosting for the holidays.

1. Air quality

Cooking, pets, people, candles, and a variety of other factors can lead to poor indoor air quality. The best solution is almost always to open the window or otherwise increase ventilation. If it’s cold, noisy, or otherwise unpleasant outside then a portable air purifier can help to reduce odor, particle pollution, and other air contaminants. Molekule purifiers are not only made to occupy space without spoiling your decor, but both Molekule Air Mini and Molekule Air Pro are FDA cleared to destroy viruses and bacteria, adding an extra layer of protection to your space.

Candles and winter greenery on fireplace mantle

2. Candles

Bobby is a big fan of candles. They can be found in safer flameless versions, but if you do plan to get candles with actual flames, be sure to get vegetable wax candles from somewhere like Sand + Fog or Paddywax. Avoid paraffin candles because they can have a negative impact on air quality. You can arrange them in a convenient corner or even a non-functional fireplace.

3. Plants (and trees)

A practically universal design technique is the placement of greenery, and living plants are the best choice. You start with something easy to take care of like a spider plant, a golden pothos, or even the humble succulent. During holiday times, a whole pine tree isn’t necessary, just some well-placed branches in a prominent location like on the mantle or in a clear vase can color the whole room.

Molekule air purifier next to holiday party bar table

4. Drinks

One of Bobby’s favorite holiday hosting tips is to pre-mix your beverages. Like candles, a clear bottle adds quite a bit to the decor of a room, you may even consider how the colors of your alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks mix with their corner of the room. It is also easier when guests can serve themselves.

Molekule Air Mini+ air purifier on console table next to wrapped holiday gift

5. Music

You might be able to sing like Bobby, but for parties you’ll probably want to choose a playlist that avoids any music genres that may annoy any of your guests. But that being said, don’t be afraid to play unusual music that sparks conversation. And always be sure your tunes will last for the entire party. If you’re using an app, keep aware of any automatic radio stations that might pop on after the playlist is done.

6. Lighting

Few guests will actually notice your lighting, but it’s a design choice that will impact literally every part of the room. The best temperature or color of white light for socializing is warm, or shifted toward the red end of the color spectrum, around 2200K to 2400K. Newly popular vintage light bulbs have both a warm temperature and a stylized look.


Regardless of how many people you are entertaining this year, making a few simple changes to your space can make for a unique experience for people who may otherwise be frequent guests. Bobby also suggested changing the furniture around a little to create a central space for mingling along with a handful of scattered groups of seating for more intimate chatter.

We just started working with Bobby so keep an eye on this blog and FacebookInstagram, and Twitter accounts for more!

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