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Molekule is happy to reveal another addition to our air purification family. We started tackling the problem of indoor air pollution 25 years ago and have been hard at work since 2014 making products that fit seamlessly into homes and businesses since air purification can be such a huge help in these times.

Molekule Air, our first product, is designed to clean the air in living rooms and primary bedrooms. Our smallest product, Air Mini, fits best in smaller bedrooms and other convenient spaces. Our largest purifier, the FDA-cleared Molekule Air Pro RX, has been deployed in healthcare, restaurants and industrial settings.

The newest member of our product line is the pollutant-sensing Molekule Air Pro, scientifically engineered to clean professional spaces but designed to clean the air at home in large and heavily trafficked areas. Air Pro comes with our patented pollutant-destroying PECO technology and a design aesthetic that fits seamlessly into most homes.

Large and open areas

Molekule Air Pro is a device with a lot of air flow that can clean the air in rooms up to 1,000 square feet. This makes it really good for large spaces and open floor plans. Air Pro is designed to accommodate home configurations with open archways and long rooms, so regardless of how your space is laid out we have designed an air purifier to remove pollutants.

With its vegan leather handle, Molekule Air Pro can be moved to the places it is needed most. It’s a breeze for this unit to clean the air for guests in the evening and then transition to the bedroom to destroy allergens and other pollutants all night.

The touchscreen makes it easy for anyone to see change the fan speed or check the filter status and air quality.

Particle detection and automatic response

Our latest device also represents an evolutionary step in particle detection. Molekule Air Pro detects three different particle sizes- PM1.0 (smoke), PM2.5 (dust), and PM10 (pollen) down to 0.3 microns. Using the advanced touchscreen, you can swipe left to see particle concentrations in the air and watch them decrease over time as the unit runs.

The concentration particles in the air is displayed as one of four color-coded levels from good to very bad. Which of the three particle sizes most contributes to the air quality can be seen from the touchscreen, or you can just review the particle-based air quality from the app anywhere in the world with internet connectivity.

Molekule Air Pro comes equipped with two different auto protect modes- Standard and Quiet. Standard mode will automatically ramp up the fan speed when high concentrations of particles are detected. If you burn food in the kitchen, you will be able to hear Air Pro reacting to the increased levels of pollutants. However, it can also be set to quiet mode. In quiet mode, Air Pro will react to changes in particle concentration, but will keep the fan speed at a level that isn’t too noisy, perfect for distraction-free working or interruption-free sleeping.

You can also navigate between Air Pro’s six manual fan speeds. Speeds five and six can really clean a lot of air, and fast.

Same PECO technology

Just like Molekule Air, Molekule Air Mini, and Molekule Air Pro RX, Molekule Air Pro uses PECO technology to clean the air. It destroys the widest range of pollutants like allergens, VOCs, mold, ozone, viruses, and other contaminants.

To test how well Air Pro utilizes PECO technology, we put it in the lab with the most advanced pollution detecting equipment and scientific methodologies. The team at Aerosol Research and Engineering Labs (ARE) tested Molekule Air Pro specifically on how quickly it was able to remove virus particles from the air in a sixteen cubic meter chamber, which is about the size of a 9x9x7 bedroom. First, the team challenged the unit to remove inert particles of airborne plastic from the air. They selected extremely small particles sized as small as 0.35 microns, which are on the order of particles of smoke.

After about 15 minutes with Air Pro running, the lab equipment could no longer detect particles, which is about 99.9% removal by Air Pro. Without the device running, most of the particles remained airborne in the chamber at 15 minutes.

The lab then tested samples of live airborne virus particles. The lab selected the proxy virus MS2 bacteriophage which is about 0.3 microns in size. This is smaller than most other viruses, so MS2 serves as a good proxy for the capture and destruction of pathogenic viruses. The results are below.

After 30 minutes on speed 6 Air Pro reduced airborne virus concentration by more than log 4, which is more than 99.99% reduction. At speed 3 about 99% of the viruses were removed in 30 minutes, and 99.99% in 60 minutes.

We also looked at the Air Pro PECO filters for the presence of collected viruses at 24 hours, 48 hours, and 72 hours. At least 99.9% of the viruses were destroyed at the 24 hour mark.

Molekule Air Pro also spent some time at Intertek to test VOC removal. We selected two VOCs, d-limonene and formaldehyde. D-Limonene is a terpene found in citrus plants and is literally the smell of oranges and lemons. Skin allergies are sometimes caused by d-limonene and it has a tendency to form more dangerous substances when it reacts with other pollutants in the air. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and in the aldehyde family of compounds, and commonly found in indoor air. It enters the home in the composite woods included in many different types of flooring and furniture.

We used their standard thirty cubic meter chamber, which is about a 10x10x10 foot bedroom. The results on VOC removal are represented below.

98% of d-limonene was removed with about an hour. Formaldehyde was reduced by 80% during the eight-hour duration of the test.

We make performance data for all of our devices available on our website.

Molekule Air Pro is 100% refundable during our 30-day home trial, so there’s really nothing to lose by giving it a try. Go to to pre-order now!

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