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by Haldane King

As our outdoor air continues to be polluted and new research shows our indoor air could be even worse, Molekule is bringing innovative solutions to help keep the air in your home clean. Molekule Air Mini was released last year to great praise and acclaim. We are happy to introduce the newest member of our air purification family, Molekule Air Mini+.

Air Mini+ cleans the air just as well as Molekule’s other products, but also features a sensor, a new fan mode, and a vegan leather handle. The sensor measures the amount of particles in the air to offer you a snapshot of the particle concentrations. Air Mini+ also uses the sensor to inform its new Auto Protect mode, which will automatically change fan speed depending on the amount of particles it is detecting, helping to ensure that your air returns to its best as quickly as possible.

Like other Molekule air purifiers, Air Mini+ uses PECO technology to handle a wider range of pollutants than traditional air filtration technology. It’s just as efficient at removing contaminants from the air as Air Mini and is recommended for a 250 square foot room. All of the research we make available on our website applies to Air Mini as well as Air Mini+.

How the Air Mini+ Sensor Works

The sensor port for Air Mini+ is located just below the 360° air intake. It measures particles by pulling in ambient air and shining light on it. The more particles that reflect light back to the sensor, the more particles it reports are in the air. Keep in mind the sensor is far more sensitive than the average human eye and can detect particles in the air that aren’t always visible such as smoke, dust, pollen, and many other substances.

The sensor then rates air particle levels at one of four color levels:

  • Green: Good
  • Yellow: Moderate
  • Red: Bad
  • Purple: Very bad

Air Mini+ can then show you the color level on the top of the device, as shown here.

Apart from the touch interface on the top, the other best way to interact with Air Mini+ is through the Molekule app. You can control all of your Molekule devices from the app wherever you might find yourself, and also see what Air Mini+ is seeing.

Air Mini+ Automatically Pulls Particles Out of the Air

Air Mini+ doesn’t just sense particles in the air, it does something about them. When Auto Protect is enabled, Air Mini+ will automatically change fan speeds, balancing efficiency and effort to always stay on top of keeping your air clean.

If the particle level rises into the yellow, for example, Air Mini+ will increase the fan speed a little to get back to green. If the particle level rises into the red or purple, Air Mini+ will increase the fan speed even more to get the levels back to green.

You can read more about sensors and their limitations in our blog post “Consumer-Grade Air Quality Sensors: Are They Good Enough?” and learn more about Air Mini+ on our website.

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