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When it comes to buying an air purifier, there is a lot to consider: from reviews by publishing sites and real customers, to how it’s been tested. The current industry approach to testing has been about the same for the past 40 years, and only focuses on particle filtration and not necessarily how clean the air is.

Molekule’s air purifiers go beyond just simply capturing particles on filters, to actually destroying pollutants in the air.

Current industry approach to air quality testing

For years, the usual approach has been to measure how many dust particles an air purifier can capture, often with handheld particle counters. However, this does not necessarily translate to how well the air purifier can purify the air.

In addition to dust particles, airborne chemicals (known as VOCs), ozone, mold, and other microorganisms can also be in the air. Everyday furnishings, carpets and plastics from electronics emit VOCs into the air, affecting indoor air quality to a level that even the EPA issued a statement about it.

Traditional filters, like HEPA which is often tested with particle counters, were not designed to block ultramicroscopic pollutants, including VOCs (airborne chemicals). Air purification technology has evolved since HEPA was invented, and this method of testing does not give the complete picture.

Enter Molekule – a revolutionary new air purifier

Molekule’s PECO technology has been tested with modern scientific techniques. These techniques are vetted by leading researchers in the field, including labs that provide third-party testing such as Intertek Laboratories, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, and Aerosol Research Engineering Laboratories. We have also worked with the University of Minnesota Particle Calibration Laboratory to test how well PECO technology eliminates pollutants, like ozone and VOCs (including formaldehyde), that HEPA technology isn’t designed to attack.

From VOCs and mold, to pollen and other allergens, studies suggest that these types of indoor pollution deserve more attention. As the researchers who studied the pollutants in our indoor spaces have shown, PECO technology has the ability to destroy these pollutants.

We believe that indoor air should be free from pollutants that harm us the most, which often pass through traditional filters. For more information, check out our article on “What You Should Know About Air Quality Before Buying an Air Purifier.”


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