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We tapped into our Molekule parents for the best gifts to treat yourself to, or gift to expecting parents. The list combines products with superb design, innovation, functionality, quality, and value to help simplify life for families. From the air they breathe, to the place they sleep, it’s important to ensure all products in your nursery set up a healthy space for your baby.


Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper

This is at the top of our list because multiple parents said this was a game changer! Our parents at Molekule highly recommend this product if you value your sleep (and sanity).

You can either rent or buy this product (hello hand-me-downs). It’s a baby rocker, sleeping bed, and white noise machine all in one! The Snoo was also accepted into the FDA’s breakthrough device program. What could be better than giving the gift of more zzzz.


The Ollie World – The Ollie Swaddle

Do they make these in adult sizes? The Ollie eases the transition from the womb to the outside world. Their swaddles use super soft patented moisture-wicking fabric to help reduce the risk of overheating. Made with love and designed by science- now that’s something that we can get behind. The Ollie swaddles are REALLY popular and were sold out at the time we posted this guide, but you can get on their notification list to find out when they’ll be available again.


DockATot – The Deluxe+ Dock

These comfortable docking stations for your baby to chill, watch, or get changed are available in a variety of interesting patterns. DockATot is Oeko-Tex certified which is a key certification to look out for because it guarantees the products are safe and gentle for children’s skin. Every material and detail is carefully designed and sourced to ensure high quality, comfort and convenience. Machine washable, no harmful chemicals used, child-safe pulls, and travel friendly. What more could you want?


Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

We all know how fast babies grow (and grow out of things) which is why we love the Tripp Trapp High chair that grows with your child. From 6 months to 3 years, the harness configuration will make it possible for your baby to dine with you and your family. We love the simple wooden design and materials so that it meshes well with your home decor rather than sticking out like a baby’s sore thumb!


BABYBJÖRN Soft Balance Bouncer

This beautiful bouncer comes in several colors and is both comfy for your baby and perfect for small spaces! It folds flat so you can stash it away in a convenient spot like under the couch. It’s sleek Scandinavian design and super light construction is easy to move from room to room. Bottom line, it’s beautiful, simple, and best of all, Oeko-Tex certified and safe. It can also transform from newborn bassinet to toddler chair with just a flip of the seat cover!


Molekule Air Mini air purifier

The Molekule Air Mini is the perfect addition (besides your baby) to your nursery. It’s whisper quiet and works to clean pollutants from the air. Did we mention it can also help with smells? Goodbye dirty diaper fumes!


Yoga Sleep Rohm Travel Sound Machine

Although our Air Mini can also double as a sound machine, this Rohm Travel sound machine is compact and portable which makes it great in a pinch when traveling. In the car, a hotel room, or even on a walk, it fits easily into a diaper bag, can clip onto a stroller or backpack and comes with a lanyard for easy hanging. The Rohm effectively cancels out noises that may disturb or distract for improved sleep for your baby (and you)!


Flowered diapers from The Honest Co.

You will never know how many diapers your baby will go through until you’re knees deep in them. We love Honest Co. and their diaper subscription will ease the stress of the midnight run to the store if you run out. The shipment comes with 7 packs of diapers made with soft liners, eco-friendly materials, and that holds 17x its weight in fluid with advanced leak protection. Also four packs of plant-based wipes come along, which sounds pretty great for anyone with a new baby.


Parachute Hooded Baby Towel

Everybody loves bath time right? Keep your baby warm from head to toe with this soft, lightweight hooded baby towel. We love all Parachute products so while you’re at it, get yourself a matching robe!


Baby in Lovevery baby play gym

Lovery’s play gym provides a whole year of play for your baby! They’re backed by research to bring your child the best stage-based play gym for their developing brain. From batting to teething to learning to focus, this play gym is perfect for playtime or tummy time.

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