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by Haldane King

Molekule PECO-filters are designed to destroy pollutants and convert them into natural components of the air. The PECO catalyst is coated onto the PECO-filter and activated by light inside the device.

While PECO can destroy VOCs, viruses, mold spores, ozone, and other pollutants, there are some pollutants our purifiers are designed to capture instead of destroy. Every Molekule purifier has a pre-filter in front of the PECO-filter to capture large particles like fibers and hair that might obscure the light that activates the catalyst.

Also, pollutants like particles from worn brake pads or from bits of sand and rocks in dust contain metals, minerals, and ceramics that cannot be oxidized into atmospheric gases. To remove these particles from the air, the filter captures them and holds them tight. Over time, these particles can build up and obscure the light that activates the catalyst which can decrease its ability to destroy pollutants. This is why it’s important to change your Molekule filters as suggested.

Different filters for different devices

Different Molekule models use different filters to fit with their size and particular characteristics, but all PECO filters need changing once every six months.

Molekule Air

Our debut product has two filters: a pre-filter in the base and a PECO-filter in the body. The pre-filter should be changed out every three months so it keeps large fibers off the PECO-filter. Here are the steps to replacing the two filters.

Push down and rotate counterclockwise

To change either filter, first push down on the top of the device and rotate it counterclockwise. The stainless steel outer shell will rise up, exposing the base.

Replace the pre-filter

The pre-filter needs to be replaced every three months. Just slide the tray out of the base, and dump the dirty filter directly in the trash. Try not to let any of the accumulated dust or hair fall off. If the tray is dirty, you can wipe it with a damp cloth or paper towel. Then put your new pre-filter in the tray, and be sure the arrow is facing up.

Change the PECO-Filter

The PECO-Filter needs to be changed every six months. It is sealed to the top with a rubber gasket. After you lift it out, just pop the filter off the gasket and put the dirty filter directly into the trash. Then push the gasket on to your new filter and put it back in the device. You may have to rotate it a little for it to fully drop into place.

Push down and rotate clockwise

Now just push the steel shell back down by pushing on the top, then rotate clockwise so it locks in place. All done!

It’s a good idea to check your pre-filter after two months just to be sure it hasn’t gotten full. If it’s so full that you can’t see the pleats it may need to be replaced ahead of time.

This filter should be replaced

Molekule Air Mini and Air Mini+

These products we designed for the bedroom and smaller spaces, and both have the same single integrated filter with a pre-filter and PECO-Filter layer. The size of the pre-filter layer on Air Mini is larger than the size of the separate pre-filter in Molekule Air, so the integrated filter can be changed every six months. Like with the air, it might be a good idea to check the filter before replacement to see if it’s full. If so, it may need replacement sooner than expected. With just one filter, it’s very easy to replace.

Turn the top counterclockwise and lift it off

Unplug your Mini or Mini+, turn the top counterclockwise, and lift it off. You may have to push down a little to get friction, so be sure it’s on a table or other stable surface. Keep in mind there’s a column of LED lights that sits in the center of the filter, so lift the top straight up.

Pop off the filter and replace

The filter is fitted tight to the bottom of the unit, so you may have to apply a little pressure to pop it off. Place the dirty filter directly into the garbage. Get your new filter and be sure to remove the plastic around it, then push it onto the base.

Turn the top clockwise until it clicks in place

After the new filter is in place, put the top back on and turn it clockwise until it clicks in place. If it’s on too loose then the bottom can’t supply power to the top and your device will not activate, so be sure you feel that click.

Molekule Air Pro

Our latest product is the Molekule Air Pro. The design of Air Pro’s filters is much like Mini’s with a single integrated filter that has a pre-filter first to protect the PECO-Filter on the inside. Air Pro’s filter is good for six months, after which it should be replaced. Like the other filters, it’s a good idea to check that six months is the ideal time for your particular pollutant situation. It’s also pretty easy to switch out.

Push down on the top and rotate counterclockwise

Like the air, rotate the top counterclockwise to unlock it.

Remove the core

The core will rise out of the device on its own, then pick it up and set it aside.

Remove the dirty filter

Remove the dirty filter and place it directly into the trash.

Replace with a fresh filter

Get your unused filter and place it back inside the device, it might rotate slightly as it settles into place.

Put the core back in and rotate clockwise

Set the core back in the unit, push down, and rotate clockwise. You should feel a soft click as the core locks into place. That’s it!


When you do replace your filters, be sure to get genuine Molekule filters for the best experience. Our filters are available via subscription on our website and will show up at your door right on time with no hassle. They are also available individually on Amazon, at Best Buy, and of course on our site.

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