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Eduardo is a Molekule air purifier customer from Richmond, California. He’s a digital UX designer by trade and a baker by hobby, specializing in sourdough.

Eduardo, his wife, and his two Corgis, Robby and Twinkie, all enjoy breathing air purified by Molekule Air Mini with PECO technology. They also appreciate the design of Air Mini. “I appreciate simplicity in design,” he says. “We love objects that have a good aesthetic but also have functionality. One of the principles of UX design is to be beautiful but also be functional. That applies to a lot of things— industrial design, graphic design, and so on. So that was one of the things that was very attractive to us— the design itself and the purpose of the device.”

Living in an older house near a refinery, Eduardo and his family sometimes have to close the windows and understand the utility of an air purifier. “We’re close to the sea so it can get cold. Usually our windows are closed except during a few months out of the year. After a long day it can just feel like you’re breathing recycled air.”

He also feels safe in knowing that his Molekule and PECO technology helps keeps the air clean during extreme pollution events. “Living close to the refinery is a bit concerning because there’s a lot of particles in the air that we can’t see and having the Molekule in the house and having that safe space really gives us peace of mind knowing that I am going to have fresh, breathable air inside my house,” he told us. “Last year there was a fire. It was such a huge deal that the city advised people to close all their doors and windows and put wet towels below the doors. Being able to have a safe space, where I know that I, in my home, am going to have a safe space regardless of a tragedy like that is something that just gives me peace of mind.”

Molekule air purifiers feature PECO technology, which can destroy a wider range of pollutants than traditional filters. “I think PECO technology gets rid of most of the pollutants. A lot of the air filter systems out there are just a filter and that’s going to capture those pollutants but the PECO technology is going to destroy it and that’s one of the biggest differentiators. I don’t want something that’s just going to trap everything, I want something that’s going to get rid of everything.”

Eduardo is one of many, many satisfied Molekule customers. You can hear more from others by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Unedited reviews for Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini are also available on our website.

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