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The Kincade Fire, one of the major California wildfires that occurred in 2019, spread rapidly overnight on October 23 in Sonoma County and forced over 180,000 residents from their homes. Ever aware of the health risks that follow extreme air quality events, we wanted to reach out to the community affected by the Kincade fire with donations of Molekule air purifiers. We traveled to evacuation centers and first responder offices as a way to show support to residents and workers alike, with product donations totaling over $35,000.

Donation locations: Healdsburg and Santa Rosa

To find out where to go, Molekule put out a call on Facebook to North Bay residents, who gave us tips on evacuation centers and other places accepting donations. As in past years, employees drove up from the SF headquarters, and donated over 40 air purifiers and 150 N-95 masks to people in these areas.

Based on the recommendations, Molekule employees went to the following locations:

Relief effort

As a San Francisco science-based company whose mission is to offer clean indoor air to everyone, this effort to donate air purifiers was non-negotiable for us—it’s something that’s in our DNA. As a clear example of the heart and values of Molekule, employees and company vendors volunteered their time to drive up to the chosen locations in our own backyard.

Here are few details about their efforts:

  • Molekule’s current company size: 167
  • Donation drop-off locations: 8
  • Total miles: 400
  • Number of volunteer hours during the business week: 20


Our employee volunteers traveled to Healdsburg and Santa Row with Molekule air purifiers in tow, as well as N-95 masks, which they distributed around the downtown areas.

  • Total product donations: over $35,000
  • Molekule Air units donated (with filters inside): 44
  • N-95 masks donated: 150

Our mission is to harness the power of science to improve indoor air quality for everyone, and we continue to test our air purifier technology on harmful pollutants, including the harmful airborne chemicals in wildfire smoke.

For all of the major wildfires that happened in California this year, the community and first-responders are the heroes of the story. Despite our small size, we as a company are dedicated to help in these severe air quality situations and will continue to mobilize when these events occur. Given the air quality issues that follow a wildfire, every bit of clean air can help, and Molekule is ready to support residents and first-responders in the community for areas affected by harmful smoke.

Molekule Offers Air Quality Relief to Areas Affected by Kincade Fire

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