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by Vanessa Graham

We thank Consumer Reports for their review of Molekule Air. This testing, and even historically, the development of air quality sensors, regulations, and testing standards, have focused on larger particulate matter, which only represents one component of what actually makes up air quality. Molekule’s PECO technology is a fundamental shift for the air purification industry. PECO technology destroys pollutants, especially those smaller than .3 microns, such as VOCs, bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Consumer Reports did not test for the destruction of these pollutants, so while we sincerely appreciate their testing methodologies and transparency, the results are not representative of the true capabilities of PECO technology. Molekule is first and foremost a science company, stemming from 20 years of academic research into air quality and air purification, and we have conducted extensive scientific testing to help prove PECO’s capabilities. We’ve also had thousands of customers tell us about their positive experiences with Molekule Air.

Our CEO Jaya Rao weighed in on Medium in this blog post about Consumer Report’s review of Molekule Air:

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