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Since its release in 2017, the Molekule air purifier’s technology and unique features have earned the product many accolades. If you are wondering whether Molekule is right for you, check out the reviews we have gathered below from across the web in both written and video form. For clarity, we have grouped highlights from reviewers at outlets like Forbes, Wired and more into categories, which we hope will guide you in learning more about the device and answer any questions that you may have.

What reviewers like most about Molekule

“While running, Molekule is lit up with a blue light, which is the pollutant-killing rock star of this outfit. The clean air is then pushed out of vents on the top of the cylinder.”

“Instead of filtering out pollutants and particles, the Molekule destroys them…if you’ve tried other air purifiers and had no results, this one is worth a shot. It’s very quiet, slim, and attractive.”

“I really like the design and finish of the Molekule…the Touchscreen operation is great, and the built-in handle makes it easy to move it from room to room.”
“The Molekule Air Purifier is in my opinion, the best air purifier that I have ever tried. I have spent hundreds of dollars on air purifiers with Hepa filters, and on many other devices that turned out to be just gimmicks.”
The Gadgeteer

was a little heavier than I anticipated, so my co-hab helped bring it into my apartment. But upon unboxing it, I discovered that she’s beautiful and sleek. Setting it up was also really easy; I just plugged it in….”
HUM Nutrition

Sleek aesthetic and innovative design

“The design of the Molekule is a breath of fresh air in the market of air purifiers. It has a sleek, silver body made of machined aluminum with a natural leather handle, for easy portability at the top of the unit.”
Modern Castle

“This sleek aluminum, canister-style gadget, which has a handle for easy carrying from room to room, can be controlled with a touchscreen display.”

“Speaking of design, Molekule looks like something Apple would make. It’s like the Mac’s hip, trendy younger sibling. Just as handsome, but actually a little bit cooler.”

“From a design perspective, it’s beautiful and I would compare it to an Apple product or call Molekule the Apple of air filters.”
Zollotech (video review)

“On the outside, it’s got a very clean contemporary design. It kind of resembles the Beolit speakers from Bang & Olufsen. It’s rocking an aluminum exterior. It has a tasteful leather handle at the top to carry it from room to room.”
Dad Verb (video review)

“…this machine looks very modern and is built with very high quality materials. The outside sports an anodized aluminum finish and some of the internals are actually made out of medical grade silicone, so the makers of Molekule definitely didn’t cut any corners. And that honestly is very reassuring for the longevity and usefulness of this product.”
TechReview (video review)

Pleasant and quiet noise level

“…Molekule runs quieter than a fan running on low. It’s actually a very pleasant sounding white noise, but not at all room-filling. If you’re particularly sensitive to noise and don’t like the sound of the fan, you can actually set it to Silent Mode and it will run at its lowest speed.”

“It’s very quiet, slim, and attractive.”

“I actually like the white noise that it has in the background.”
Zollotech (video review)

Quick setup

“The whole system is actually really elegant in the way that it is set up.”
Appliance Buyer’s Guide (video review)

“Just like the simple design, it’s also very simple to use.”
Max Tech (video review)

“Upon unboxing it, she’s beautiful, she’s sleek. Setting it up is also really easy.”
HUM Nutrition (video review)

Easy and intuitive filter subscription service

“One of the most useful things about Molekule is its subscription service. Without even thinking or worrying about it, you’ll receive a new set of filters every six months. You don’t have to order anything, set a reminder, or even think about it for a second. The filters will just show up when you need them.”

“Changing the filters. It’s got two filters inside. It is really, really simple. And because it’s all WiFi connected and it’s connected to your cell phone through a nice little app, it’s going to tell you when those filters need to be replaced.”
Appliance Buyer’s Guide (video review)

Compact and portable

“With a smaller size, the Molekule Air Purifier can be placed next to other furniture, behind it or even tucked in a corner without taking up valuable floor space. As long as there is a steady source of power, this air purifier will work to the best of its abilities to clean the air in the residence.”
Good Air Geeks

“You want to move it around a lot. It does cover 600 square feet so I leave it in my bedroom and it takes care of that area but if you want to move it around, it has this handy little strap.”
Zollotech (video review)

“It is 18 lbs so it’s pretty heavy. It’s nothing that will just tip over easily, so it’s nice and sturdy.”
Zollotech (video review)

Award-winning and rave customer reviews

“When it comes to purifiers, the Molekule Air Purifier has a high customer rating and a wide variety of special features to offset the higher price tag. This purifier has a modern design that should fit into any home décor with its cyclonical shape and aluminum protective cover…The Molekule reviews are raving and approximately 8.5 out of 10 stars on numerous independent publications and this is due, largely in part, to the fact that instead of removing the toxins from the air, this purifier actually destroys them. With the Molekule Air Purifier winning multiple awards, such as Best New Product of 2017, this machine truly ensures that the air you are breathing within your home is clean, fresh and will not cause irritation.”
Good Air Geeks

“When I went on Molekule’s website, I was impressed by all of the awards they’ve won. They also have stellar reviews that speak to its efficacy and unique technology. It’s not like other air purifiers that exist on the market…They deftly destroy pollutants including dander, mold, and bacteria, which are essentially the main culprits…”
HUM Nutrition


Whether you’re looking for a modern aesthetic that blends well with your living space, portability for ease of use, or a new ally in combating indoor air pollution, Molekule has something for everyone.

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