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by Natalie Avellan

An air purifier can be placed in various rooms of your home to help improve indoor air quality. When deciding where to place your Molekule, you might consider two things: What are your specific concerns e.g., health, allergies or pets, and where will you receive the most benefit? Though it is recommended to place your air purifier in the area where you spend the most time—the living room or bedroom—Molekule was designed with a handy leather strap to help move your device to any room of concern, even the most unlikely of spaces. Below you will find the various locations people tend to use their Molekule.

Commonly used areas inside the house


Because we spend so much uninterrupted time in the bedroom, it is the ideal area to place your air purifier close to your bedside to filter the “sleep breathing zone”. This type of placement while you sleep has been shown in research studies to offer many benefits. Poor air quality may impact sleep, especially if your room is poorly ventilated or if you have allergies. Molekule can destroy allergens that pass through the device and help maintain clean air in the bedroom.

“I am a dog trainer whose house is full of allergens. Yes, I am allergic to dogs. This is the first air purifier that I am going to have in each room as soon as I save up. I have had it for 5 months in my bedroom and could tell the difference right away. I did have to get used to sleeping with the soft light produced by the purifier as a part of the cleaning process. Highly recommend.”
—Lena S.

Living room

The living room is another commonly used area to place your device. It is especially helpful if you are a pet owner and your pets mostly reside in the living room. By placing your Molekule close to pet beds, you can help reduce pet dander levels or odors in the air, which will not only be helpful to you, but also to guests. In addition, the living room often has furnishings or carpet, which may gather dust or other pollutants that can get stirred up when people walk by. Your Molekule can help deliver clean air to your living room for you and your family.


Cooking can cause your kitchen to become a source of high levels of unseen airborne chemicals, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as fine particles that come from baking or frying. High levels of these pollutants can be most concerning when there is a lot of cooking activity going on, such as during family gatherings. Having good ventilation is important, and if you have space, your kitchen can be a prime spot to place your device, during or after cooking.


Cross-contamination of bathroom items, e.g., toothbrushes, may become a concern and/or the bathroom may be shared among multiple household members. The bathroom is also susceptible to mold and mildew buildup, particularly without enough ventilation to adequately remove excess moisture. Molekule can destroy bacteria, and viruses and mold spores found in the air that pass through the device, though it cannot eliminate microbes on surfaces.

Laundry room

The laundry room can become a source of harmful VOCs due to the questionable ingredients in laundry and other cleaning products. Harsh chemicals and Clorox bleaches are commonly stored in the laundry room, not to mention that using dryer sheets will add perfumes and other VOCs to the air. Much like a bathroom, the laundry room is also prone to mold buildup without proper ventilation. Hanging clothes on a clothesline can exacerbate dampness and mold growth as well. Molekule can destroy these mold spores and other VOCs in the air that enter the air purifier.

Special Locations in the House

Nursery and kids’ room

Babies can be susceptible to pollutants that release airborne chemicals. Kids’ furniture can off-gas VOCs into the air and may be a concern for parents. Babies may also appreciate the white noise produced by air purifiers like Molekule.

“One in my daughter’s bedroom and one in my and my husband’s bedroom. We’d love to expand and keep getting more rooms covered, it makes us feel better about the air quality for our daughter who has cystic fibrosis.
Kelsey P.

Pet area

Did you know that pets get allergies too? If you are a pet-owner, you should know that Molekule destroys allergens. Whether you find that airborne irritants are affecting you and your pets in their sleeping areas, placing a Molekule in this area can be a big help.

“This Molekule is at the Grant County Humane Society. It was purchased to keep the air in the communal cat room clean for our 20+ feline residents as well as keeping the air fresh for our potential adopters visiting the cats. It has really improved the air quality for cats and humans alike. We did have to do some extra securing and added an extra screen on the outside to keep the cat hair from clogging the filters, but it has held up so far and really made a difference!”
—Rachel P.


Usually a neglected area of your home, the basement is typically damp, dark and dusty. The increased moisture may cause mold spores, which is a major health concern for those who use the basement as a living space. An air purifier may ward off mold, reduce levels of pollutants in your basement and preserve the integrity and quality of storage items such as furniture and books.

“My Molekule is keeping the basement air clean and fresh so that I can hang out and exercise there.”
—Sandra W.


These places are sometimes ignored as a location of unsafe VOCs and other pollutants, yet many of us store enamels, lacquers, paints, aerosols and other materials in the garage for the simple reason that they would pollute the indoors with their gaseous VOCs. When working in the garage, consider taking the Molekule with you to ensure a safe working area.

Beyond the home

Hotel room

Molekule has been placed in the Intercontinental San Francisco hotel and may be an option for those who travel. Hotel rooms are shared spaces and an extra boost of air quality control from an air purifier can only help.

Art studio

Art supplies such as paints and dyes release VOCs into the air. Molekule can destroy these airborne chemicals throughout the art project process from beginning to end. And since these art materials tend to off-gas periodically after drying, it’s preferable to keep your Molekule running in the studio.

“Clean air in a pottery studio is an absolute necessity and I use my Molekule to obliterate particulate matter, keeping my environment safe and clean. It especially helps in the winter when there’s little moisture to keep the dust settled.”
—Monsoon Pottery

Recreational vehicle (RV)

Some customers have used Molekule in their RVs. Jeremy and Lauren write on Instagram that “We carry to every room in our RV. In the living room when we are in there and in our room at night. It’s a small space so it works out great. Basically it goes in every room except our bathrooms because they are tiny and there isn’t room!”

RVs typically have multiple outlet plug locations to place the device and the interior space may be small enough for Molekule to filter a few rooms at once. Being on the road for any given amount of days, weeks or months, you may be exposed to quite a bit of fuel fumes and other engine emissions.

Should you place Molekule in multiple rooms?

Customers have used Molekule in different rooms of the home, with the bedroom being the optimal placement for your device. Covering 600 square feet, Molekule replaces the air once every hour, and for those affected by chronic conditions, it is best to consistently run your device in one area of concern for continued relief. However, if it is in your plan, you may want to use more than one unit in a few rooms. Staging a Molekule in multiple rooms greatly increases the air purification process, as the units will be operating continuously and uninterrupted. Depending on what works best for you, you can also alternate between placing your device in your bedroom or living room––as already noted, these rooms are the most commonly used rooms in your house or apartment.

Portable in design, you have the option to move Molekule to any room you plan to occupy. For example, you may want to bring the Molekule with you to the kitchen when you are cooking; to the bathroom or another room that you are cleaning with Clorox or floor cleaners; to the laundry room when you are doing the laundry. While it is best to keep a Molekule in a single room for few hours to maximize its air purification process, Molekule’s portability is one of its benefits if you are looking to quickly clean the air of a room you are currently using.

“I love my two Molekule air cleaners – one on each level of my home.”
—Camille E.

“I keep moving it. Living room and bed the most common.”
Jacks V. L.

“I live in the country with an active toddler and 2 dogs. Slowing down is not an option and Molekule helps me keep up!”
—Rachel B.

“I believe in this product. If I didn’t, I would not move it from living room to bedroom every night and day.”
—John P.

We invite you to experience Molekule in all the different spaces you inhabit. To learn more about Molekule, check out our Product page here. Feel free to share how you use your Molekule by sharing on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.

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