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by Catherine Poslusny

Anyone with experience using air purifiers knows that if you want to get the most significant air quality benefit from your device, you have to replace its filters on a regular basis. This is precisely why changing your Molekule filters regularly is the best way to keep your air purifier operating at peak efficiency levels. Old, dirty filters can significantly impact the performance of any air purifier.

When it is time to replace a dirty filter the first thing you might consider is an online search. You might notice that in addition to the official online Molekule shop, there will also be results displayed for other “unofficial” sellers offering filter replacements that they claim will fit our air purifiers. But the question is: Do these filters actually work?

The answer is no. To ensure that your Molekule air purifier continues to effectively trap and destroy airborne pollutants, it is best to only use official Molekule filters—which is why we have made ordering replacement filters as convenient and “hassle-free” as possible. Read on for a handy guide on how to order Molekule replacement filters and discuss why it is best to avoid the “fake” Molekule filters that you find online.

Where to buy Molekule replacement filters

The easiest way to ensure that you are getting the right filter for your Molekule air purifier is to order straight from our website. You can buy filters individually through our online shop or sign up for auto-refills and have new filters delivered to your doorstep every six months. No matter which option you choose, you can be sure that you are getting genuine filters made specifically for our Molekule air purifiers. Below, find out how to order filter refills for either the original Molekule Air or the Molekule Air Mini.

Tip: We are always evaluating and testing our filters to make sure that you are getting the best results possible. Ordering filter replacements through our website is the only way to make sure that you are getting the latest and best filtration technology.

The original Molekule Air filter replacements

The original Molekule Air uses two different filters that work together to trap and destroy airborne pollutants:

  • The Pre-Filter traps larger particles, including dust and hair, before they reach the PECO-filter. As the first line of air purification, it will become dirty faster than the PECO-Filter. You should replace your Pre-Filter every three months to keep it from getting overloaded with large particles. We recommend changing it sooner if you find that it has become saturated with hair, dust and other particulate matter.
  • The PECO-Filter, coated with a proprietary catalyst, is activated by your device to break down even the smallest pollutants at the molecular level. Over time, pollutants that pass through the Pre-Filter can accumulate on the PECO-Filter and start to block the blue light. This can impact the filter’s performance. You should replace your PECO-Filter every six months to keep it working at peak efficiency.

Tip: You can view the status of your Pre-Filter and PECO-Filter on the touch screen of your device as well as on the Molekule app. Visit our “Filter FAQs” in the Help Center for step-by-step instructions on viewing your filters’ status and resetting your Molekule Air filter status indicator.

Both the Pre-Filter and the PECO-Filter should be replaced regularly to keep your air purifier working efficiently. There are two ways for you to buy replacement filters for your Molekule Air:

  • À la carte: You can visit our shop page to buy any replacement filters that you may need. You can get six-month bundled packages of Pre-Filters, PECO-Filters, or both.
  • Auto-refills: To activate auto-refills for your Molekule filters, you can log into your Molekule account, select the device you want to activate auto-refills for, and click “Activate Auto-Refills.” Automatic filter refills include two Pre-Filters and one PECO-Filter every six months.

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Molekule Air Mini filter replacements

The Molekule Air Mini contains just one filter—an integrated PECO-Filter. We recommend replacing this PECO-Filter every six months to keep your air purifier working at the highest efficiency. The “PECO-Filter Status” on the top of the unit will start pulsing orange or red when it is time to replace the filter.

The Molekule Air Mini ships out with one filter, and the best way to ensure on-time filter replacements is to activate auto-refills:

  • Auto refills: To activate auto-refills for your Molekule Air Mini, you can log into your account via the Molekule account portal, select the device you want to activate auto-refills for, and click “Activate Auto-Refills.” Automatic filter refills (available only in the US) includes two PECO-Filters.
  • À la carte: Replacement PECO-Filters for your Molekule Air Mini are currently not available through the website, but if you need an additional PECO-Filter a la carte, you can reach out to Customer Support with a request form or by calling 855-999-9069. Monday-Sunday between 8am-5pm (PT).

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How (and why) to avoid fake Molekule filters

Molekule’s strong reputation and popularity has resulted in online marketplaces, such as eBay, selling unauthorized “Pre-Filters” for our air purifiers. Though these may be typical mechanical air filters, we recommend staying away from these websites.

All Molekule products, including filters, come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Unfortunately, we cannot help with any problems caused by non-Molekule brand air filters.

Tip: We do not sell Molekule filters on any website other than our online shop. Any “Molekule” replacement filters that you may see on other online marketplaces are not authorized by us.

Moreover, our filters are specifically designed for the Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini. When you buy a “fake” Molekule filter, you not only miss out on our satisfaction guarantee, but you also miss out on any improvements that we may have made to our technology since the last time that you replaced your filter.

When it comes time to change the filters in your Molekule Air or Molekule Air Mini, the best and easiest option is to order from our online shop. That way, you know that you are getting top-quality products designed to keep your air purifier working effectively and efficiently for years to come.

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