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What makes a good air purifier? Not all air purifiers are created equal, and their performance depends not only on the effectiveness of the filter technology within the unit, but also its design and choice of materials – especially because traditional filters can negatively affect air quality as their lifespan declines. However, even the best air purifier can become ineffective if it cannot be easily incorporated into your home and day-to-day life. Below, we dive into why we think Molekule is the best air purifier on the market to offer relief, while significantly improving the air quality in your home.

Why Molekule is the best: The technology

Traditional air filtration technology, mostly made up of HEPA and carbon filters, was created decades ago. Unsatisfied with decades-old technology that was not an all-encompassing solution, and lacked the ability to actually destroy air pollutants, the research scientists behind Molekule’s PECO technology believed in a better air quality solution. They developed the technology with over 20 years of research and development until the product was ready for commercialization in July of 2017.

Technology that goes beyond traditional air filtration to destroy pollutants

Traditional portable air purifiers are designed to capture pollutants, either gas or particulate matter. The Molekule air purifier goes beyond that—it destroys pollutants like airborne chemicals (VOCs) and allergens.

As air enters Molekule’s chamber, mold spores and other pollutants are broken down at the molecular level, eliminating the chance for them to be re-released back into the air. This is because of Molekule’s proprietary Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology. In the first stage of Molekule’s dual-phase filtration system, the Pre-Filter captures larger particles such as dust and pet hair. During the second stage, light activates a catalytic reaction on the surface of the PECO-filter, which breaks down pollutants at the molecular level; Molekule converts them into safe substances, such as carbon dioxide and water vapor. This technology is the best for consumers because it eliminates the chance of pollutants being re-released into the air as PECO technology destroys pollutants instead of simply collecting them.

Ozone creation is another potential air quality concern caused by some air purifiers like ozone generators and ionizers. Ozone can harm your respiratory health, according to the EPA. Both the University of Minnesota Particle Calibration Laboratory and Intertek, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), confirmed that the Molekule air purifier does not produce ozone as a byproduct of its filtration. In fact, it was shown in the test report to actually reduce ozone in the air while in the test chamber.

Third-party scientific research has backed up Molekule’s claims, testing the ability of the Molekule air purifier to eliminate different types of air pollution in a room. Intertek tested Molekule and found that the device removed volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—toxic gaseous pollutants—down to undetectable levels. Additionally, the Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories (ARE Labs) tested the Molekule air purifier’s ability to remove bioaerosols, such as mold, bacteria and viruses, from the air. Researchers found that Molekule was able to significantly reduce concentrations of airborne bioaerosols in a single-pass test.

Technology that is continuously tested and evolving

The technology behind the Molekule air purifier is unlike anything on the market today. This is because the company’s founders knew that there had to be a better air quality solution than the decades-old filtration technology in most other air purifiers. The founders did not rest until they had created a brand-new way to clean the air of harmful pollutants.

Because Molekule is a science-focused company, there is a team of researchers that is constantly innovating to bring cutting-edge science to people’s homes with the immense opportunities afforded by PECO-Filter technology. When it is time for filter replacement, the latest advancements in Molekule filters arrive at customers’ doors following the fast developing pace of science.

Why we think Molekule is the best: Ease of use

In the air purifier industry, it has been assumed that less than 20% of people change out their device filters. Though they may not be considered at first, factors like convenient filter replacement, noise level, aesthetic appeal, and maintenance protocols could play a significant role in how well the device will maintain clean air over the long term. Here are some features to consider, and how Molekule achieves them:

Unobtrusive and quiet: Your air purifier should be a welcome part of your home—if it is bulky, or it is too loud, the temptation to stash it away can develop after each time you use it. A good match in an air purifier fits in with the aesthetic of your home and operates quietly enough that it will not disturb your sleep or daily activities. The Molekule air purifier seamlessly blends into your home because:

  • Its machined aluminum design and carrying strap enable the portable unit to fit seamlessly in your home.
  • Its “Silent Mode” was designed to be quiet enough for people that are sensitive to sound.
  • It has a “Dark Mode” that turns off the device’s blue light, so that even the most light-sensitive individuals can still run the device at night (Note, however, that the PECO technology needs the UV-A light to activate the catalytic reaction that breaks down pollutants, so it is best to use the Dark Mode only when necessary).

Easy to maintain: As the EPA points out, all air filters need regular replacement. You only receive the full benefit of your air purifier if its filters are cleaned or replaced on time. Over time, air filters will become saturated or clogged with pollutants, decreasing a unit’s effectiveness. The type of air purifier you purchase will determine:

  • How often you need to replace the filter(s)
  • The number of filters to be replaced
  • Filter replacement costs
  • The difficulty of replacing the filter(s)

Molekule has created a filter auto refills program that takes much of the work out of maintaining your air purifier. You do not have to worry about remembering to order new filters. The auto-refill program makes maintenance worry-free by delivering new filters to your door every six months, right when you need them.

We are confident that the Molekule air purifier is the best on the market today because of its technology that can destroy pollutants. When it comes to improving air quality, an air purifier is an important investment for your home—ultimately, the best option is one that you will be able to use for years to come to provide clean air for you and your family.

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