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by Haldane King

Molekule’s primary mission is to clean the air for everyone, which alone makes working at Molekule worth it. But yet another mission of Molekule’s is to provide an inclusive and innovative working environment. As an organization, we are dedicated not just to the users of our air purification products but also the hard working people who make our products and communicate with our customers and the public.

So we’re happy to be one of the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal Best Places to Work for the second time! Molekule employees all over the Bay Area logged on to anonymously report their satisfaction with the choices made by leadership, personal advancement, compensation, and benefits.

Molekule staff photo in a park

The Molekule Staff in 2019

Our core values

At Molekule, our PECO catalyst is at the center of what we do, so we foster an innovative and open environment for all our employees to understand not just their part of the business but also the science behind our technology. We all learn that catalysts by their nature lower barriers. PECO lowers the barriers to oxidation, and our values lower the barriers to challenging the status quo and expecting more from indoor air quality solutions.

We have core values that the company has adhered to since the beginning that are aimed at creating cohesive teams that share information and ideas with each other.

  • We persevere through problems, and trust the process.
  • We take ownership of our work.
  • It’s not just a job.
  • Be the good teacher.
  • We’re all in this together.

As we grow into a more mature company, humility has also become an important value. Molekule recognizes the strides and leaps that have come before us and continue to be made next to us. Our trust is not only in our own process, but in the processes of the observers who speak on the emerging science of what is in our air.

Science makes the best air purifier

Our guiding light at Molekule is the scientific method, so we seek to partner with and listen to the pioneers that study the forefront of air quality. Just in the past two years, Molekule has partnered with air quality experts at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on research into indoor VOC removal, with virologists and aerosol scientists at University of Minnesota on Coronavirus (bovine/ porcine) and H1N1 influenza inactivation, and received FDA 510(k) clearance for Molekule Air Mini, Molekule Air Mini+, and Molekule Air Pro RX for the reduction of airborne viruses and bacteria. Milestones like these are vital to not only how we learn to clean the air, but also to add more research to the scientific canon around the composition of our indoor environments and the health impact of contaminants.

For transparency into our methods we publish performance data on our products on our website. The experiments that we make available are performed by experts with experience in measuring and understanding the impact of an air purifier on an indoor space. We contract with facilities like the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory Intertek and Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories, and explain how to interpret the results on this blog. It’s not just important to do the science, it’s also important to communicate it in an understandable way in the context of the evidence it provides.

The adventure continues

Molekule is just getting started. There is a lot more air to clean and a lot more air purification science to get into the hands of the public. We have many plans for the future, including pollution detection technology like in Air Mini+ and Air Pro; an ever-expanding research pipeline; and announcing more ways to save on our devices on FacebookInstagram, and via email.

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