Air Mini+

For small rooms up to 250 sq ft

Air Pro

For spaces up to 1000 sq ft

Filters & Subscriptions

Clean air, year round.

"Our staff, parents and students feel much safer with Molekule air purifiers onsite."

–Director, Robin Harmon, Practicalati Kids

Brain fog, be gone!

Keep your brain sharp by ventilating learning spaces. Research has shown that buildup of the CO2 we all breathe out can negatively affect learning. The best way to ventilate your learning space is opening a door or window, but vents connected to the outside, like HVAC, help too.

Live & learn better in clean air

Odors and other pollutants can accumulate in unventilated dorm rooms and common areas. Use an air purifier that destroys bacteria, mold, chemicals, and more to keep your living and learning spaces feeling (and smelling) fresh.

Students and educators, verify your SheerID to save 20% on Molekule air purifiers for the classroom, dormitory, teacher’s lounge, or anywhere you live and learn.

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