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Molekule is the first air purification investment from the Alexa Fund, signaling strong backing for technology that can help aid in air quality and air purification

SAN FRANCISCO July 6, 2020 —Molekule, the leader in reinventing air purification, today announced a strategic investment from the Alexa Fund. The Alexa Fund provides up to $200 million in venture capital funding to fuel voice technology innovation and demonstrates how voice technology can improve everyday life. Molekule marks the first investment from the Alexa Fund in air quality and air purification technology.

As part of the Alexa Fund portfolio, Molekule will expand its work with Amazon and other Amazon services. Molekule has been selling on Amazon since February 2020, and currently sells three products through the online retailer, the Molekule Air, Molekule Air Mini, and Molekule Air Mini+.

“At Amazon, we believe experiences designed around the human voice will fundamentally improve the way people use technology. We are constantly looking for innovative technologies that make our customers’ lives easier and their homes smarter,” said Paul Bernard, director of the Alexa Fund. “Home air filtration has seen little innovation in the space since the creation of the HEPA filter. We see Molekule as advancing the state of the art in home air purification by developing technology that destroys pollutants. We’re excited to support them during such a crucial time for clean air innovation.”

The investment comes on the heels of Molekule’s much anticipated announcement around their SARS-CoV-2 proxy virus testing results, in which Molekule’s Air Mini device, using PECO technology, demonstrates the ability to reduce concentrations of MS2 bacteriophage by up to 99.999% in two hours. Using filters from an Air Pro RX device, PECO technology also demonstrated the ability to destroy the same SARS-CoV-2 proxy virus by more than 99.999% on the filter in 24 hours. All of Molekule’s devices satisfy the recent performance criteria issued by the FDA for the use of air purifiers during the COVID-19 emergency, and thus can be sold to reduce the risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) for patients and health care providers.

Molekule’s medical-grade product, Air Pro RX, which has FDA 510(k) class II medical device clearance, as well as its Molekule Air device, were most recently deployed across Mercyhealth hospitals in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois to enhance protection for their frontline healthcare workers in the wake of COVID-19. In addition, Molekule recently launched their third consumer device, the Molekule Air Mini+ on both its website, and Amazon.

“For years, the Alexa Fund has been dedicated to investing in technology that makes customers’ lives easier and we are pleased that they are continuing to invest and fund technology innovation in the current times,” said Dilip Goswami, Co-CEO of Molekule. “We are extremely dedicated to making the home both smarter, and are looking forward to continuing to provide innovative air purification technology that destroys the widest range of pollutants to those who need it most.”

Molekule announced a $58 million Series C funding led by RPS Ventures with participation from Founder’s Circle Capital in late February 2020. Existing investors included Foundry Group, Crosslink Capital, Uncork Capital, and TransLink Capital, along with new participation from Inventec Appliances Corp (IAC).


About Molekule

Molekule is on a mission to provide clean indoor air to everyone, everywhere. Based on more than 20 years of research and development, our patented photo electrochemical oxidation (PECO) technology destroys a whole range of tiny pollutants, including VOCs, mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens. Using science to revolutionize air purification in ways that the industry hasn’t seen, PECO sits at the crux of Molekule’s air purification technology and has been rigorously validated by third-party laboratories and continual internal testing. We believe air pollution is one of the greatest challenges of our time, as it has been attributed to seven million premature deaths a year, according to the World Health Organization. This is why we are dedicated to the fight for clean air and are actively working with scientists, doctors, sufferers, and policy-makers to offer a fundamentally different approach to air purification. For more information, visit

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