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by Vanessa Graham

For the past two years, Molekule Air has helped deliver clean indoor air to homes across the country by destroying airborne allergens and pollutants with its breakthrough Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology. Now, the introduction of the Molekule Air Mini has many people wondering how this second product compares to the original. To answer any questions you may have about the new product, we have gathered the first-available online highlights and reviews regarding Molekule Air Mini.

Molekule Air Mini: The highlights

“Molekule is back with their new ultra-portable Air Mini. Not only is it even more attractive than its predecessor (its matte white finish fits in with any modern decor), its compact size is perfect for rooms where the larger Molekule would be overkill.”

“Air Mini is designed to eliminate a full spectrum of indoor air pollutants, including allergens, mold, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air we breathe.”

“Ideal for small spaces, this brand-new Molekule Air Mini ($399) includes breakthrough PECO technology that destroys pollutants. It’s beautifully designed, quiet, energy-efficient, and includes a six month filter.”
PopSugar, in“66 Cool Tech Gifts Anyone Would Be Thrilled to Receive”

“It’s the perfect personal air purifier.”

“Now that Molekule has released its new Air Mini, can carry that peace of mind on-the-go. ‘I can put it on the tour bus, or I can put it in the dance studio, or I can take it with me on the road.’ ”
Brit + Co

“It has a sleek, modern look with simple controls, nice detail details, and good performance when it comes to purifying the air.”
Modern Castle

“This is going to be the perfect size for a bedroom.”
Jordan Steffen (video review)

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Attention to detail

“Molekule, a company that focuses on creating home air purifying systems, has released a new, compact system. The Air Mini is only 12 inches high, 8.26 inches in diameter, and weighs just over seven pounds. Though it is small for an air purifying system, it can clean air in up to 250 square feet of space every 60 minutes and can remove a wide array of indoor pollutants from the air, including viruses, allergens, mold and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).”

“Controls on the Molekule Mini are simple and displayed in a touch-screen design. They are illuminated by glowing LEDs which allow you to easily change fan speed of the purifier without bulky or obstructive buttons.”
Modern Castle

“One nice feature that the Mini has a well-designed cord-wrap. While this may sound like a trivial feature, it really says a lot about the overall attention to design details incorporated into the Molekule Mini. Using the cord wrap you can better conceal extra cord so it doesn’t detract from the design of your room.”
Modern Castle

“The Molekule Air Mini enclosure is made of a high-quality white plastic and there is a felt handle attached on one side. . . The top of the unit features the 360 degree air vent as well as the control surface. . . There are LEDs underneath the plastic that indicate things like fan speed and when the filter needs changing.”
Jordan Steffen (video review)

Same great performance

“Much like the original Molekule Air, this Molekule Air Mini delivers the same great air filtration in my home. I put this one in a smaller room that I usually spend a lot of time in… Its operation is simple and it looks great. The mini size is perfect for my smaller room.”

“Overall, the performance of the Molekule Mini air purifier was pretty impressive. It is quiet to operate and easy to control… Within 1 hour the Molekule removed 85.2% of air particulates from the medium-sized room we tested in (~12’x12?). Molekule improved PM2.5 air quality by 65%.”
Modern Castle

Same breakthrough PECO at a lower price

“If you’ve always wanted the Molekule, but couldn’t justify the price, the Mini is the perfect alternative. It uses the same PECO filter but cleans a smaller cubic feet per hour. I definitely recommend it.”

“If you’re seeking an alternative to traditional humidifiers and air filters, try the Air Mini for half the price of the full-size Molekule.”
Brit + Co

“If you like the looks or technology of the Molekule air purifier, but don’t want to foot the bill for the larger unit, then the Molekule Mini is an excellent option. The Molekule Mini provides the same technology for less.”
Modern Castle

“I’m happy to see that the Molekule Air Mini also offers the subscription model for the PECO filter because it’s important to regularly change your filters and not everyone would necessarily change them as often as they’re supposed to (every six months). A subscription for filter refills just guarantees you’ll keep the fresh air flowing without even having to think about it.”

In closing…

With the same attention to design detail and science-backed technology as the Molekule Air, the new Molekule Air Mini brings the same breakthrough PECO air purification technology at a lower price point and is the perfect choice for those looking to purify their air in smaller spaces. But you do not have to take our word for it:

“The Molekule Mini is a more compact version of the larger Molekule Air purifier… If you’re looking for PECO technology, with the modern aesthetic of a Molekule, the Mini is a great option.”
Modern Castle

“I had finally found an air purifier that delivered, and it did so in an attractive package that would work with the décor of any room. ”

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