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At Molekule, we’ve decided it’s time for a fundamentally different approach to air purification. That’s why we invented PECO technology—our unique process that actually destroys a wide range of pollutants, including chemicals like VOCs—in order to deliver truly clean air.

When it came time to bringing breakthrough PECO technology to people’s homes with Molekule Air, we aspired to create the best product experience for our customers: one that was worry-free, where you could get filter replacements delivered to your doorstep, and connect your device online to track filter status and receive the latest updates.

Now, we are excited to announce that we have updated our mobile app and device firmware for a new and refreshed Molekule experience, with big connectivity and design improvements. Our latest mobile app has a new look and feel, and the improved firmware ensures reliable connectivity. Here are the latest features and how to get updated on the latest app and firmware to experience the benefit firsthand:

Introducing Molekule mobile app version 2.0

New Molekule app screens

New Molekule app version 2.0

You can find the following improvements to the latest version of the Molekule app:

  • We’ve redesigned the Molekule app from top to bottom, with a fresh new look that works with Molekule Air to enable great features like tracking filter usage and controlling various fan speeds.
  • The new app helps support a more reliable connection between the app and your Molekule Air device.
  • You can easily set up and manage multiple Molekule Air devices through the app.
  • This major app update also provides us with an agile platform for a faster rollout of continuous improvements and new feature releases.

One of the improvements we’ve made to the app is the look and function of the filter life/health screen. You can view the status of the Pre-Filter and PECO-Filter after you connect your Molekule Air to a WiFi network. The indicators will update regularly when Molekule Air is connected to the internet.

Once connected to WiFi, you can view the filter status on the Molekule Air touch screen or in the mobile app. View additional directions for getting the most out of this feature here. The filter status is calculated based on the run time of the device: the Pre-Filter counts down from three months and the PECO-Filter counts down from nine months.

To experience the new Molekule app, you can:

  • Download or update the Molekule app if already installed. Click here for the app on Apple Store for iOS devices or here for the app on Google Play for Android devices.
  • For more details and to check if you have the latest version installed, see our Help Center article on getting the latest version of the Molekule app.

Introducing firmware version 8.24

Every application needs a backbone, and Molekule’s spine is its latest version 8.24 firmware update. This new rollout stands as a pillar for reliable connectivity and addresses issues causing devices to reboot.

To get the latest firmware version for your Molekule Air:

  • To automatically receive firmware updates, your device will need to be connected to WiFi and paired to the mobile app. After downloading or updating the app, walk through the prompted steps to ensure your device is connected to WiFi. See here for more details within Molekule’s Help Center for pairing devices.
  • If your device has not automatically updated, you will need to make sure you have the latest app version, and unplug the device from the power outlet and replug it in after 10 seconds. The device should update automatically and reboot once more after the update downloads. Next, follow the remaining instructions within the app to complete the setup.
  • For more detailed instructions and how to confirm the firmware version 8.24 update is complete, see our Help Center article on getting the latest firmware version for your Molekule Air.

We’re excited for users to experience the new improvements themselves. Get started today by downloading Molekule’s new app at the Apple Store or Google Play to experience a more reliable connection and fresh look.

We always want to hear from our customers as well. If you have feedback on the app or you’re having questions on updating your firmware, we welcome you to leave a review on the app store or reach out to customer support.

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