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The discipline of design is a way to make an object, experience, or space fit a plan. Usually this plan is conceived to make a process or activity simple, straightforward, and easy for whoever is using it. Design usually starts with inspiration, moves on to practical considerations, then innovates new methods.

At Molekule we believe inhuman-centered design. This approach considers the end-user as more important than the bottom line, ease of manufacture, or any other consideration. The designers of our products believe that every detail must have a reason. Every decision should be made to solve a problem for the eventual consumer of the product. We think this is the best way to create products that are beautiful, innovative, and functional.

If you need to get a nice gift made to fit well into a loved one’s life, read on. Alternatively, if you want to live a better designed existence, also take a look and maybe even send this list to someone who loves you!


Start with some inspiration

Havenly –Personalized Design Aesthetic

With Havenly you can collaborate with an interior designer to bring your personalized home vision to life. This is a great spot to start, their website alone is full of useful and inspiring blogs to help you consider and think about how you want your home to feel and function. Then, if and when you’re ready, you can hire one of their interior designers to help you choose furniture, colors, and accents to make the space that’s best for you.


Move into practical considerations

Fellow Products –Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

Many if not most of us boil water for tea or coffee on a daily (or perhaps hourly) basis. The Stagg EKG Electric kettle comes in seven color options to fit right in on your countertop. It’s not just a nice-looking kettle, either, it has a digital display and the handle fits the hand just right. This is a simple upgrade for any kitchen, workspace, or spot to drink that morning cup.


Our Place –The Always Pan

The always pan is the pan that you use always. The designers at Our Place made a pan that can replace other cookware for a simple and easier time at the stove. It can be a “fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest.” This is an excellent example of human-centered design that solves one of the biggest problems in any kitchen: space.


Braun Audio –LE Wireless Speaker

There are countless wireless speakers out there but the Braun LE is made to sound like a fine piece of audio equipment. It’s easily controlled from an app and Google assistant, so it responds to voice commands. Small enough to take up modest table space or mountable on a simple floor stand, this is an easy way to add audible and visible style.


Polygon Lights

One of the few products more plentiful than wireless speakers is lighting sources. Polygon Lights are simple yet incredibly elegant. They affix to any wall with adhesive to generate that side-lit look we all know is just slightly more flattering than a blaring overhead light. You can fit them together however you like, and touch each tile to turn it on and off and change the light levels in the room, which puts the fun in functional.


Step it up to the next level


Molekule Air Pro

Not everyone has a good way to clean their indoor air. Our flagship product Molekule Air Pro has been tested in scientific labs over and over to do just that. And its sleek unobtrusive form was very specifically chosen to be innocuously attractive in any corner of any room. You can read about its effectiveness elsewhere on our blog or on our website.


Habitat Horticulture –Gromeo Fresh Air

Indoor plants are excellent design choices. Verdant green leaves growing in natural shapes are simply the easiest way to the impression of space. And the practice of taking care of a plant is a time-honored path to satisfaction. Habitat Horticulture has made an easily-mountable wall planter brings all the benefits of a living wall through a low maintenance, self-watering system and aesthetically versatile design. It comes stocked with some of the easier plants to keep alive like golden pothos and peace lilies.



Let’s take a step outside at the end here. Vanmoof has made one of the nicest electric bicycles we have ever seen. Electric bike technology has only gotten better in the past decade and Vanmoof has taken full advantage of what is available. Their bikes have four power levels for easy cruising and can take you up to 95 miles on a single charge. This is a product that really solves some problems for those of us who like to feel the wind on our faces without having to smell any car exhaust.

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