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Molekule’s primary mission is to clean indoor air. But we are just starting with the air, our deeper goal is to provide everyone with resources on how to make their homes safer, cleaner, and more comfortable. This holiday season we put together some gift ideas made by like-minded brands that all go well toward making an inviting home.


Choose the weight that’s right for you, Gravity Blankets vary from 15 to 25 pounds. Laying underneath one creates a feeling of being safe, held, or hugged. They can increase relaxing neurotransmitters like serotonin and melatonin while decreasing stressful chemicals like cortisol.

In essence, Gravity Blankets simulate the cozy feeling of a hug to relax the nervous system. This revolutionary and science-backed method is called “deep touch pressure stimulation.”


Tis the season for house plants!

The Snake Plant Laurentii is a succulent plant characterized by its upright swordlike leaves with vibrant yellow edges that contrast vividly with a green interior. Like any houseplant, the snake plant participates in your indoor ecosystem by being one more place dust, chemicals, and odors can be removed, though you need a lot of plants to have a big positive effect on air quality. Even a single plant can have a big positive effect on the appearance of a room, however, adding vibrancy to any corner or tabletop.


Calm your senses with soothing lavender, creamy vanilla and sandalwood with a touch of crisp bergamot. When you need to destress fast, grab this custom-crafted candle and strike a match.

Follain sets the standard and curates the products that are the best for you—and work the best, too. Instead of paraffin wax they use vegetable wax with the mildest impact on indoor air quality. Some wicks may have lead or other toxic substances, Follain wicks are all-cotton wick. Hand-poured in the USA.


  • Moon Juice – Magnesi-om Berry Unstressing Drink

Restore cellular balance for relaxation, brain health, and sleep. Moon juice is a carefully constructed elixir containing safe and effective magnesium in 3 highly bioavailable forms- Gluconate, Acetyl Taurinate and Citrate. It also gives you L-theanine for alertness and brain support. Moon Juice never uses additives, fillers, or fluff that negatively affect the microbiome. Also, Magnesi-om has a delightful berry flavor.


World renowned peace activist and Buddhist monk Thích Nhat Hanh’s masterpiece You Are Here is a treatise on mindfulness and staying in the present moment. Within its pages the founder of Plum Village Buddhism kindly and skillfully teaches meditation in the forms of breathing, walking, and communication.

Paired with the Headspace app below, daily use of the lessons in You Are Here can help anyone take steps on a calmer and more peaceful path within a few weeks.


Hundreds of guided meditations on everything from stress to focus to relationships. Stories, soundscapes, and music to help you sleep soundly. Get a new meditation delivered to your phone everyday. If you plan a consistent time during the day to use Headspace, it’s a huge step on a path of being calm and at peace. Along with Thích Nhat Hanh’s book above anyone can find themselves feeling the effects of a more mindful lifestyle after a few weeks of practice.


There is little better than a warm mug of tea during cold winter months. That’s probably why people drink tea more than anything except water. Art of Tea offers monthly subscriptions to their wide array of loose-leaf teas to experience different varieties from around the world. They also offer caffeine free and bagged options, so you can find something for any drinker of hot beverages.



  • Molekule – The Molekule Air Pro Purifier

Molekule’s PECO technology is designed to destroy the widest range of pollutants compared to traditional air purification solutions. It is scientifically proven to remove chemicals, smoke, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, and other pollutants from your air. Molekule Air does all this while remaining an aesthetic fit for any room.


  • Wild One – Waterproof Dog or Cat Bed

Give your best friend a dry spot for the winter months. This particular bed is made of a soft waterproof fabric for easy cleaning and has a ridge for snoot resting. Nothing makes a home more inviting than a comfortable pet.


  • Pangaia Cozy & sustainable loungewear

A materials science company on a mission to save our environment. They’re a global collective of scientists, technologists, and designers creating essential products from innovative tech and bio-engineered materials. They create products with smart technology and use as many sustainable & recyclable elements as possible.

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